Sunday, October 29, 2017

Memo from Amy Joyce:

Blackie Harrison is the 4th person I've found that said that Oswald was brought into the jail office AFTER Ruby.  I figure that one could easily make that mistake and perhaps two, but not four!  Two of the people that said so were guarding the door, and Blackie was one of the men that supposedly brought Ruby back there.

RC: We have to relate this to the films. We see a movement towards the side door, then men going through it, and then one man closing the door. And that was supposedly and reportedly for the removal of "Ruby".

So, if Oswald was still in the garage at that point, why don't we see him being carried? 

There is only one thing that makes sense to me, and that is that men formed a barrier around Oswald, then he got up and scurried into the jail office, and through the double doors. And that explains why the action moved so far northward, towards the Main Street ramp. I've said repeatedly that all the cameras stayed with the subjugation of the shooter when, of the two, the victim was more important. The shooter wasn't going to get away. What was at stake was Oswald's condition. So, the cameras should have stayed on him. But, not one did. They all followed the mob of Penguins who were tackling "Ruby".  And that took the cameras way over, leaving Oswald, conveniently, out of view.

 Do you see what I mean? Oswald could have danced the two-step out of there, and it wouldn't have mattered. It wouldn't have hurt anything. The cameras weren't pointed at him.

That's it; stick your arms out, you dirty mudderfruckers. Just look at that. Those men are facing opposite each other, yet they're doing the same thing. You think maybe they were told ahead of time to do that? The guy in the center isn't even facing anyone except for a cop. So, who is he holding back? 

That guy providing the veil, making sure we can't see in the direction where Oswald was, was Bob Jackson. So, what did he see? How come we have never heard a word from him about what he witnessed concerning the removal of Oswald?

It just gets worse after that. This is Jackson too:

Finally, someone pushes Jackson down to end his blocking of the view, and no doubt it was after the coast was clear, meaning, Oswald was gone. 

I would pay money to find out who that was who pushed Jackson aside because it was obviously someone in the know, someone who was savvy of the whole situation, and helping to manage the photographic record. 

And Jackson was holding a camera the whole time, so why wasn't he snapping away? That one bogus, highly altered, highly manipulated image of the shooting is all he got? 

I curse him. I curse them all. 

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