Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another striking thing is that if you consider the details that Baker gave of the physical arrangement between the stairwell and the vestibule and the lunch room, he obviously knew it. So, if he had never been there and seen it on November 22, then he obviously went there at some later date and studied it. He really learned it. 

But, think about the degree of specificity involved in that, for him to claim to have seen Oswald momentarily through the glass in the door. It's not as though that could have occurred to him without actually seeing the whole arrangement. Of course, we know he went there for the reenactment, but he told the story the way he did BEFORE he did the reenactment. So, when did Baker go to the second floor and study the physical arrangement to decide what to say?  

And again: there is no evidence that Marrion Baker was part of the plot to murder President Kennedy. And there is no plausible basis to speculate that he was part of it. And therefore, to claim that on 11/22/63, with no motive or inclination of his own to lie, that he agreed to lie, what, for Truly's sake? You think Baker lied for Truly? I, personally, know of no reason to think that Baker would have lied for anybody. But, to lie for Truly? A guy he didn't even know? 

You've heard of "reaching"? Well, the maligning of Marrion Baker is like reaching alright: reaching down into the fiery pit of Hell.  

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