Thursday, October 19, 2017

Part 3 on Kamp

Moving on now to Kamp's coverage of Shelley and Lovelady on their historic walk to the railway yard. At least Kamp admits that it happened. We have the Idiot Backes who claims that it was fictional testimony that never happened, that the Warren Commission concocted it, whole swaths of testimony. They must hired a screenwriter from Hollywood. 

Alas, at the end, Kamp takes it back and decides that it didn't happen. 

But, it's interesting that in this rendering, Kamp does show Lovelady in a short-sleeved shirt.

You can see Lovelady's naked arm. His shirt looks like it's been plaid-ified, by Kamp or somebody, just for good measure, but you can see his naked arm. So, I am wondering what Kamp is claiming here. Is it that Lovelady's long-sleeved shirt was rolled up? But, how if just 10 seconds before he was standing in the doorway in a long-sleeved shirt not rolled up? Here again is the proper uncorrupt rendering of Lovelady in that image.

It was just a short-sleeved shirt, period.

Now, there are some discrepancies in the testimonies, such as Shelley claiming that it was 3 or 4 minutes before Truly and Baker entered the building. But, that obviously isn't true, and if it casts aspersions on anyone, it's on Shelley, not Baker. Kamp's problem is that he considers things bankable that aren't. Fact: there are discrepancies and contradictions in the testimonies, and it's not uncommon. And in Shelley's case, he was a conspirator; he was in on it. You only have to read William Weston, The Spider's Web: The TSBD and the Dallas Conspiracy. After you read it, you will know better than to trust Bill Shelley about anything. 

Next, Kamp calls Lovelady a liar, and get this: he describes this as "Lovelady lowering himself on the TSBD steps"

That is NOT Lovelady lowering himself on the TSBD steps. One image is of Oswald peering down Elm, just like everybody else. And the other is a totally fake image in which Oswald had left for the lunch room and the spot was empty, so they put that other guy in there, and that's the lower one. They are not the same guy, and it is plain enough to see.

The 2nd Wiegman Doorman isn't real. He was put into the picture because Oswald was already gone on his way to the lunch room.

They are NOT the same man. Why would Oswald or Lovelady or anybody else for that matter be peering down Elm Street looking at Kennedy one second, and then suddenly turn and look straight ahead in a trance like he was a Cigar Store Indian? 

Joseph Backes said it was because "he began the mourning process for Kennedy." Dumb pluck. No, Backes. What we're mourning is the day you were born, and the same goes for Kamp. That is a totally bogus image that was added to the Wiegman film. I'll say it again: The 2nd Wiegman Doorman is a bogus image added to the film in order to hide the fact that Oswald already left for the lunch room. Call this Part 3. 

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