Saturday, October 21, 2017

Backes ain't sure. 

"That this might have been prearranged prior to the assassination, or the story was created very shortly afterwards by the DPD.."

Prearranged? By whom? Name names, mudderfrucker. Created very shortly afterwards by the DPD? Again, by whom? Fritz? Curry? Who? 

And if it was prearranged, doesn't that mean that it happened? 

Then, the blithering idiot writes this, saying absolutely nothing; it's just gibberish:

"So, if no matter what you're going to believe the Baker-Truly-Oswald encounter then you have to lie. You have to alter the story.  This has been going on since day one.  They tell the story. Upon investigation the story is a lie. Oh, well, if you change the story to this and this, bobbing and weaving around the evidence that demonstrates the story is a lie, pretending you're taking into account it's inherent flaws and contradictions, pretending you're addressing the criticisms, then repackage the original story with these new improvements then everything's fine, and the great original Warren Commission conclusions stand.  it's withstood the test of time, they claim.  Nothing has come along to refute...."

Spew much?

Then, he criticizes the quality of the images I posted of the 2nd floor lunch room, not knowing that they came directly from his friend, Bart Kamp.

Then, Backes, unbelievably, thinks he has to tell anyone this, 54 years later, as if we never realized that the lunch room encounter was used to link Oswald to the 6th floor. 

"Plus there's information that destroys the whole issue.  Why would Oswald be in the second floor lunchroom at all?  Well, it helps with the time line of Oswald coming down from the 6th floor, if he stopped to get a coke on the second floor in the second floor lunchroom, and it helps to make the Dallas cops look less stupid if a cop did see Oswald there."

Someone is looking stupid, Backes, and you'll find him in the mirror. 

Then, Backes puts up this picture of a Dr. Pepper machine on the 1st floor, to suggest that if Oswald wanted a Coke, he could have settled for a Dr. Pepper.

But, Backes, you just got done saying that the purpose of Oswald being in the 2nd floor lunch room was to link him to the 6th floor. And since he personally had no reason to be linked to the 6th floor, it means that someone else must have spurred him to the lunch room. But, let's look closer at the Dr. Pepper machine.

To me that looks like a refrigerator on the right, and then to the left of it? A Dr. Pepper machine? Really? 

I found some images of vintage Dr. Pepper machines from the 1960s.

 Why should anyone think that this is a Dr. Pepper machine?

My point is that we all have an expectation of what a Dr. Pepper machine looks like. So how can someone post this image and presume that everyone is going to recognize in it a Dr. Pepper machine?

"Oh, a Dr. Pepper machine. Of course."

It's ironic that what Backes is doing here is parroting the argument made by Vincent Bugliosi in his book, that if Oswald wanted a soft drink, then why didn't he get a Dr. Pepper instead of a Coke? And that is ridiculous on the face of it because maybe he had a hankering for a Coke at that particular moment. People do drink both, you know.  

But really, the whole issue is a red herring. There is a very important thing that people need to realize, that for Oswald to beat Baker to the lunch room, even though Baker was running and Oswald was just walking (not the least bit out of breath, etc.) he must have left the doorway early. And that means that Oswald must have left the doorway right after the Altgens photo was taken. And I really do mean right away, within 2 seconds. Now, why would he do that for any kind of soft drink? Forget about the difference between Coke and Dr. Pepper. Why would he leave for either one when JFK was still in Dealey Plaza, and there was a commotion going on that involved gunfire? People in that doorway did hear the shots, and some of them recognized them as shots and thought "gunshots" immediately. But, even if you thought it was firecrackers, why would you leave at that moment? It makes no sense to think that Oswald actually left the doorway and went back inside for the sake of getting a Coke or a Dr. Pepper. He wound up getting a Coke, but it doesn't mean that he left to get one. 

I maintain that Oswald must have been told to go to the lunch room. And I'll point out that the vast majority of Oswald defenders agree that he was told to go to the Texas Theater. They don't think that he just had a hankering for a war movie right after the President got shot. Well, he didn't just have a hankering for a Coke right after the President got shot either. Like the theater, Oswald must have been instructed to go to the lunch room. His actually getting a Coke was incidental to that. 

Hey! I'll remind you that he got popcorn at the theater. It doesn't mean that he went there to get popcorn. It just happened. Same thing in the lunch room with the Coke. 

Backes, you're dumb as dirt.

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