Sunday, October 22, 2017

If two men are handcuffed together, I presume they would both try to manage the situation as best as possible, that is, with the least intrusion on the other's space. Neither would move his hand to the center of his body, since that would take the other man's hand there as well. Each would leave his hand at his side and not move it inward. 

But, look at this image. Supposedly, Oswald and Leavelle are handcuffed together, even though we can't see a handcuff. But, look what Oswald is doing with his right hand. He's brought it all the way to the center of his body. Why would he do that if that hand was handcuffed to Leavelle? 

Here is a real life example of a similar situation. And I say real life because what we see above was an act.

They claim that that was done to Oswald, but note that we don't see any shackles at all on Oswald when we study the picture. But notice what that prisoner is doing; he has both hands over to his right to avoid pulling the cop's hand into his personal space.

But supposedly, Oswald didn't care. He went ahead and pulled Leavelle's hand into his personal space. 

Note, however, that their hands aren't actually close enough to be cuffed together. Look at the distance:

And how, in that situation, could we not see the chain? Look how close they are here:

And, we have a picture of the very handcuffs allegedly used.

Look how short the linking chain is. 

But, let's go back to this:

Notice that you see Oswald's whole right arm, from the shoulder on down. So, Oswald, after being handcuffed to Leavelle, chose to draw his right hand all the way over to the center of his body, dragging Leavelle's hand with it? And note that Oswald had to do his action first. If Oswald had left his hand down, then his hand would have blocked Leavelle getting to his pants. And note that what we are seeing on Leavelle is an anatomical impossibility.

It's apparent that Leavelle's upper arm is hanging normally, in a neutral position. But, what about his forearm? He has it angled out- a lot. But, it's impossible because the elbow doesn't allow it. It's a hinge joint. It opens and it closes. That's all. It can't do that. Try it yourself. There is a mechanism by which you can rotate your hand, but you can't angle your forearm like that. It doesn't go there. It is anatomically impossible. No can do it. 

I contacted another forensic photographer and showed him some of my collages of Oswald and Doorman, pointing out alterations. And here is how he responded in an email:

"Ralph, thanks for your email. I can see where you are coming from with this. There was of course no Photoshop in 1963. But, I know hand negative and airbrush retouchers, and this level of manipulation, of which you are asserting, was certainly possible at that time. A good airbrush retoucher can rival with paint anything I can do with Photoshop." 

"I doubt this will help much, but there it is." 

He signed it, of course, but I won't give you his name because he's not willing to get involved. He could lose his job. 

Oh, but for the evil it all. The people who did this, they knew what they were doing. They, the artists, were accessories to murder. They might as well have been painting with Oswald's blood.

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