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Part 6 on Kamp   THE FINALE

Next, they brandish the very well known statement by Ochus Campbell

Campbell did not testify to the WC, but he did make this statement to the FBI:

OCHUS V. CAMPBELL, 7120 Twin Lakes Lane, Dallas, Texas, furnished the following information:
He is the Vice President of the Texas School Book Depository Company, with offices located on the second floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building in Dallas.
On November 22, 1963, he was present at his office at the above named building and at about 12:30 PM on that day, he and several other associates were together stationed about 30 feet in front of this building facing away from the building observing the passing motorcade containing President KENNEDY. At this time, he heard a loud report, which at first he considered to be a fire cracker or some object set off by a crank and believed the noise came from away from his building. This illusion, he explained, may have been due to the sound bouncing off the building and other objects in the vicinity. After hearing two more such reports, he realized they must have been rifle shots and since President KENNEDY's car had advanced just out of his vision, he went forward a few feet to observe this automobile, inasmuch as he feared that the rifle shots were in connection with an attempt upon President KENNEDY's life. He then observed the car bearing President KENNEDY to slow down, a near stop, and a motorcycle policeman rushed up. Immediately following this, he observed the car rush away from the scene. He then immediately rushed into his building without having seen anything unusual from any window of his building. Inside he was told shortly thereafter by the warehouse superintendent, Mr. TRULY, that all the employees of the company had been rounded up and one employee, LEE HARVEY OSWALD, was missing.
Mr. CAMPBELL observed a photograph of LEE HARVEY OSWALD, bearing New Orleans, Louisiana No. 112 723, and stated that he is sure this is a photograph of the employee named above, but added that he is not personally acquainted with him and has never seen him. He advised that he has always given Mr. TRULY the responsibility for hiring employees for the warehouse.

So, no mention of seeing Oswald in a storage closet. There was just the statement in the newspaper, the New York Herald Tribune. Again, what is bankable about it? Absolutely nothing.

Then, they quote Detective Ed Hicks:

 Then, Curry:

So, that supposedly where? Right at the entrance? Well, you know that isn't true. And again, why would Marrion Baker, of all people, lie about it? What reason did he have to lie? What gain did he stand to make by lying? Are you saying that he was ideologically aligned with the killers? Don't. Don't say it. I'm telling you; don't even breathe it.

Concerning what happened when Oswald left, I will point out the uncanny Oswald lookalike in one of the Three Tramps photos:

That, to me, is very compelling, much more so than all that wordsmithing that the Idiot Kamp thinks he can take to the bank. 

So, if that guy isn't Oswald, who is he? Don't tell me they had another Oswald lookalike and dressalike at the TSBD.

Next, Kamp addresses the Carolyn Arnold saga, which I have addressed at length. The bottom line on her is that the only statement of hers worth retaining is her first one made on November 26, 1963 in which she said that she saw Oswald at the doorway shortly before the shooting. Her revised story, told 5000+ days later, that she saw Oswald in the 2nd floor lunch room shortly before the shooting, has no merit and deserves no credibility, and it may be the one and only thing that Kamp and I agree on. In his case, even a stopped clock gets the time right twice a day.

Then, this irritating prick parses through all the testimonies of Bookhout and Hosty and Fritz, and then he ever parses Hosty's book, Assignment Oswald. It is all so ridiculous. They all heard Oswald give his alibi that he was out with Bill Shelley in front during the shooting. Where was Shelley? In the doorway, so that's where Oswald was. But, none of them wanted to admit that Oswald said that, so they parsed and farced it in different ways. But, Kamp pours through it as if he's deciphering something. Kamp: they were just playing you- for the idiot that you are. Oswald most certainly was not in the first floor lunch room during the shooting, so who cares if Hosty said he was? I pointed out recently that Jack Dougherty say that HE, himself, was in the first floor lunch room at 12:30. He was asked why he wasn't interested in seeing the President, and he said it was too crowded out there for him. To each his own. So, if he was in the first floor lunch room at 12:30, how could Oswald be there? 

And no, Kamp: Oswald didn't go to the 2nd floor lunch room and get his Coke and then go back to eat in the 1st floor lunch room. We don't need to waste time talking about it. 

Then, Kamp brings up Kelley's lies, and Holme's lies, but he didn't even mention Holme's worst lie, which was that Oswald reversed himself about Mexico City, finally admitting that he indeed went there. About that lie, Holmes better hope that I don't wind up in Hell where he is, because if I do, I will look him up, and let's just say that I'm going to discuss it with him.

Now, get this!  That stupid imbecile Kamp! Oh My God! He takes the bogus Lovelady footage, the one with Gorilla Man, and uses it to discredit Lovelady's testimony about going to the railway yard. Remember at the beginning when he admitted that it was Shelley and Lovelady walking towards the railway yard? Well, that's all gone. He changed his mind. So, I wonder where he thinks they were walking?  

No, you blithering idiot! It's the opposite! Lovelady's testimony discredits this phony film clip which did not appear until 1966, when Harold Weisberg was bellyaching that Lovelady wore a short-sleeved shirt, which he did.

This is definitely NOT Lovelady. Everything about their features is different. 

The Gorilla Man clip is phony, Kamp. They came up with it just to save themselves from the striped shirt fiasco.

There are some people who should not be doing so. They don't have the brains for it, and Bart Kamp is one of them.

Kamp mentioned Harold Norman's testimony, but what about Bonnie Ray Williams? Bonnie Ray also said that they were detained by police coming down from the 5th floor and that no one was allowed to leave the building. So, how could this be Bonnie Ray milling around outside with "Lovelady" (read: Gorilla Man) 15 minutes after the shooting?
I'll add that center bottom is supposed to be Danny Arce, but his skin coloring is too light, and it also conflicts with his testimony. Arce claimed to do the same thing that Shelley and Lovelady did, which was join the throng that swarmed into the railway area.

You're sucking the royal pegoda, Kamp, in case you don't know it.

 Next, Kamp goes through the reenactments, and I'm not going slog through it. Who gives a shit what he thinks? But, I am reminded that Professor David Wrone did a good write-up of the reenactment of the lunch room encounter (and he does not deny it happened) which I summarized here: Note that it's the 2nd article on the page.

Finally, I'm nearing the end of this pile of crap: his conclusions. And I'm waiting with bated breath to find out what Kamp thinks actually happened. Twenty bucks says it's a real doozey.

So, here are his conclusions:

1. The 2nd floor encounter didn't happen.
2. Oswald was encountered inside the front door in the vestibule. His movements, according to Kamp, were these: "he got a Coke from the 2nd floor lunchroom; and then he ate his lunch on the 1st floor." What does that even mean? That he ate his lunch on the first floor? The floor? "And it was the very same floor that he remained during the shooting and shortly thereafter." The first floor was as big as a city block, so where on the first floor is Kamp talking about? And he really did write it up that way:

Now, you would think that after all that, all that parsing of all those testimonies, etc., that he would make a clear, concise, detailed statement about what actually happened. But no. That's it. 

Now, I'll tell you what actually did happen. Oswald got off work at 11:45 or 11:50, just like everyone else. He knew the President would be passing the building. Earlier that morning, he asked Junior Jarman why people were gathering on the sidewalk. He honestly didn't know. Jarman told him. And Jarman didn't know either until after he got to work. Somebody else told him. 

So, when the lunch break began, Oswald knew about the special event. He had come from Ruth Paine's house that morning, where he had no breakfast. Just coffee, according to Ruth Paine. And he worked all morning. So, presumably, he was ready to eat. And that's what he did. He went to the 1st floor lunch room, as he always did, and he ate the lunch he brought with him: a cheese sandwich and an apple, courtesy of Ruth Paine (although I cringe using that word in connection with her). And, Oswald cited Junior Jarman and Harold Norman (whom he described as a short negro) as being around, in eyeshot, when he was in there. He did not say he ate with them, for Christ's sake. This was 1963 in Dallas, Texas, and blacks and whites didn't eat together. He just meant that he saw them while he was eating. And, both Jarman and Norman confirmed that they did go into the Domino Room to get their lunches around that time. There was a shelf there where the workers stored their lunch, although I think in Jarman's case, he bought his sandwich from a vendor. But, he still put it in there and had to retrieve it, and that's when Oswald saw him.  But, that was early in the lunch break. After that, Jarman and Norman went outside, and they were going to watch the motorcade from there, but then they got the bright idea to go up to the 5th floor to watch it from the window. So, they walked down the length of Houston Street, around to the back of the building, re-entering thru the back door, and then taking the freight elevator up to the 5th floor. Of course, they also had to walk across the span of the 5th floor to get to the southeast window. And that's where they were at 12:30.

So, that was a lot to do after lunch, and it proves that the lunch eating happenened early: for them, and for Oswald. 

How long did it take Oswald to eat? It's anyone's guess. Fritz wrote down "cheese sandwiches" plural in his notes. So, if it was more than one, than obviously it took longer to eat. And how big was the apple? Who knows. But, if I estimate that it took him until 12:15, it's probably not far off. The motorcade was expected at 12:25. So, that would have left 10 minutes before it was time for him to go outside. So, how did he spend the time? He probably went to the bathroom. Right? He was human, wasn't he? And, it's entirely possible that he spent some minutes reading the newspaper, which was commonly in the 1st floor lunch room. I don't know of anyone reporting that they saw him reading a newspaper on 11/22, but Jack Dougherty and others reported that Oswald commonly read the newspaper there during the lunch break. So, he may have done it on 11/22. 

And then he went out to the doorway. He may have initially just looked through the clear glass. That's what Carolyn Arnold said he was doing when she was him. That's from her 11/26 statement, which is the only one that counts. And then Oswald went out, where we can see him in both the Altgens photo and the Wiegman film.

Why did Oswald just step out the door and not venture out into Dealey Plaza? It may have been his choice, but then again, I'm sure that Bill Shelley was there precisely to block his passage. THEY WERE NOT GOING TO LET OSWALD LEAVE THE BUILDING. So, Shelley may have said something to him. And then, very soon after the Altgens photo was taken, Oswald left, and he went to the lunch room. It may have been shortly before or very shortly after the fatal head shot. Why did he go? It wasn't to get a Coke, per se, although he did get one. I think it's likely that Shelley ordered him to go there with some ruse. They needed to place Oswald somewhere that was accessible from the 6th floor. The whole plan was shot if they didn't do that. But, as it turns out, it was all for naught because the way the timing worked out was that Oswald reached the lunch room the same time Baker did, and Baker saw that Oswald was coming from the office side, which means that he had to come up the front stairs. So, Baker's testimony alone proves that Oswald could not have come down from the 6th floor. 

So, Oswald had his encounter with Truly and Baker, which he reported to Fritz but without mentioning Truly, unless Fritz just didn't write it down. Then, Oswald got a Coke. Then, he went out the same way he came in, through the office area, where he saw Mrs. Reid. Then he came downstairs and gave two men directions to the pay phone. Then, he may have lingered a little while in the doorway again, talking to this policeman. This sure looks like Oswald:

And then, he went home by bus and cab. And then, he went to the theater, although how he got there remains a mystery to this day, except that he must have been driven- by somebody. Butch Burroughs saw him at 1:07, and he got not have gotten there that fast on foot. Plus, the odds are great that if he had walked the one mile, he would have been seen, and he wasn't. And then, he was arrested at the theater.

And that is what Lee Harvey Oswald did the afternoon of 11/22/64 up to the time of his arrest. 

I am so glad to be done with Bart Kamp's ridiculous paper. I have devoted a whole day to this, but never again. 

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