Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I made the point here about the arm being elevated too high to be Carl's arm because it's true. When people raise their arm, they don't raise it that high. It would be uncomfortable. It would be a strain. Here are images of people raising their arm to hail a cab, and it's typical to raise it no more than 45 degrees. 


Now, I don't know who you think this guy was hailing during the shooting of the President. I used to joke and say he was hailing a tamale vendor, and I still think it's funny. But, no matter who he was hailing, he wouldn't raise his arm that high, that vertical. The guy who left the comment on my video suggested that he was visoring his eyes that way, but that is ridiculous. With his hand so far from his face, how much of the light could he block? I never heard that one before. But, Carl Jones wasn't even faced that direction. He was looking down the hill at Kennedy. He was even leaning on the molding of the white column. 

That, taken from the Wiegman film, coincides with the Altgens photo. But, most of it was out of view to Altgens because of the angle from which he was shooting. Remember that that west side of the doorway got cut off, including Doorman's right shoulder. Altgens might have caught the left arm and shoulder of this black guy, but that's about it. Everything we see of him in the Altgens photo is fake, placed in there. Not a bit of it is real.

The Idiot Backes actually claimed that Oswald's cuff is the rolled up sleeve of the black guy. But, go ahead and try it. Put on a long-sleeved shirt and roll up the sleeve and see how it looks. You don't wind up with something as neat and snug as that.

Then, the other matter is: if that's the Black Man's arm, where is Doorman's arm? Doesn't he have one? How could it be completely obscured? 

Try to imagine how the image looked before they pieced the Black Man in there. Oswald was clasping his hands in front, as was his habit. You can see him doing it in several other photos that weekend. And they had to cover that up, since that was Oswald's habit, not Lovelady's. Plus, Oswald's shirt was tattered and torn, and that may have shown too. It was an old shirt. And that's why they put the Black Man in there. Every single thing we see of him in that photo is fake. Everything.  

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