Saturday, October 21, 2017

The utter stupidity of Backes and Kamp and the others who say that Oswald did not ride the bus and cab is revealed by the bus transfer ticket found on Oswald.

Now, if you want to say that they didn't find it on him (even though he admitted it was his; that's part of the record) that they just lied, then you're just being stupid. You're being more stupid than they were, and I don't consider them bright. And that's because of the risk involved with planting the ticket. 

You've heard the expression:

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

That's from a poem by Robert Burns, but John Steinbeck took a phrase from it, "Of Mice and Men" and wrote one of the most famous novellas of all time.

But, the point is that they would never concoct a story that Oswald rode the bus and cab AND ALSO plant bogus physical evidence on him. They weren't that stupid. ROKC people are that stupid, but the plotters who killed Kennedy and framed Oswald weren't that stupid. They knew that something might happen that made it crystal that Oswald didn't ride the bus. And then that bus transfer ticket would have been an albatross around their necks; something that they couldn't take back.

So, what could have happened? First, Oswald could have lived. He could have survived. Not every assassination attempt is successful. How many plots and assassination attempts did they have to kill Castro? It may have been hundreds! And he lived to 2016. 

So, Oswald could have survived, and if he did, he'd have told his lawyer, "You know, I didn't ride the bus and cab, and they're saying that I did." And what his lawyer have done? He would have torn the Dallas Police to shreds. Do you remember in the OJ trial how the Dream Team turned it into a trial of Mark Fuhrman, where they even had him taking the 5th on the witness stand? Well, it would have been worse than that at Oswald's trial.

But, there is plenty else that could have gone wrong because if Oswald didn't take the bus and cab, it means he did something else and went somewhere else, and evidence of that could easily have surfaced. Somebody could have seen him when he was doing what he actually did. Oswald may have seen something when he did what he actually did which his knowledge of would have proven that he did it. And there is plenty more that could have gone wrong. The witnesses that they came up with to support their story could have failed, either deliberately or just from being lousy liars and lousy actors. 

There was so very much that could go wrong. But, as long as they didn't come up with phony physical evidence, they could always plead dumb. "So, he didn't ride the bus and cab. I guess we were wrong. No harm, no foul." But, if they planted a bus ticket on him, there was no taking that back. There was no talking point for it. It was like a smoking gun; their smoking gun. 

The whole idea that the Dallas Police had nothing better to do that afternoon but concoct a bus and cab ride for Oswald is ridiculous on the face of it, but when you throw in the bus transfer ticket, you realize that it's not just ridiculous; it's impossible. The bus transfer was entered into evidence at 4:00, right at the time of Oswald's first lineup. Oswald wasn't arrested until 1:45. He didn't get to the PD until 2:00. He didn't start talking to Fritz until 3:15. So, how could they come up with a phony bus transfer for Oswald at 4? How could they possibly come up with it so fast?

I've said many times, and I'll say it again that some people should not be doing this. They are not smart enough to do it. They don't mental aptitude. And that certainly applies to these ROKC people. A dumber lot has never poured over the JFK assassination. 

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