Friday, October 20, 2017

It is ironic that some people, when shown the photographic evidence for Oswald in the doorway

will respond by saying, "Well, two government investigations looked at it and determined it was Lovelady."

But, that is the same government that is charging Oswald with murder. And, it is also the same government that is responsible for killing Kennedy and framing Oswald. So, how could any investigation that they do be considered honest and objective?

Of course, those who say Oswald is guilty don't share that view of the government, but what about those who say he was innocent? Don't they admit that the government was the bad guy in the story? So, how can you trust the bad guy to investigate this or anything else?

The government investigations were corrupt, through and through.
The government investigations started with a pre-determined conclusion, that Oswald was guilty.
The government investigations could never, in a million years, give any traction whatsoever to Oswald in the doorway because it would have instantly torpedoed the entire case against him. 
They could let people say they thought the shots came from the Grassy Knoll, but they could not let even one person say he or she saw Oswald in the doorway. Carolyn Arnold tried, and look what happened to her. And the WC wouldn't even hear from her. 

Do you understand that you weren't allowed to say that that you saw Oswald in the doorway? And that if you did, all Hell rained down upon you?

Of course, Oswald was in that doorway, and the fact of it is spreading faster today than ever before in history. And the people involved have never been more determined and have never been more immune to intimidation- including the threat of death. 

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