Thursday, October 19, 2017

David Caban This pretty much put the nail on the casket of Ruby’s innocence. He had no prior knowledge to anything regarding JFK assassination let alone Oswald demise. Good insight on this particular subject Ralph.
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Robert Jordan Good find Ralph Cinque this proves Ruby's innocence ,and that he was drugged out of his mind and kept in the dark and manipulated just like Oswald was
11 hrs
Ralph Cinque Thank you both. Note that the letter was written close to the end since Ruby mentioned 3 years having passed. And he was already convicted and sentenced to death by then. Plus, he wasn't even disputing that he did it. And my point is that there is no basis to think that he was lying. Hooke's claim that Ruby killed Oswald on behest of the Mafia is blown completely out of the water by this. And we're left with the incontestable fact that Ruby had no mental image of having shot Oswald. No memory of doing it and no memory of ever having a thought process to do it. So, what it comes down to is that either he did it in some altered mental state akin to sleep walking or he just didn't do it. And I say it was the latter.

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