Sunday, October 29, 2017

In addition to all the reasons why this guy can't be Billy Lovelady, such as, that he doesn't look like Billy Lovelady, and Billy Lovelady wasn't there at the time, the plain truth is that he couldn't be Doorman either. For one, his shirt isn't splayed open like Doorman's.

Doorman's shirt wasn't just unbuttoned; it was splayed open. It was parted like the Red Sea. The other guy's isn't. But, here is something that is both comical and pathetic. Look at it closely again:

When Gorilla Man turns his head leftward into profile to us, there is a brief moment in which a narrow band of white appears in the center of his shirt. The Ops say that's his t-shirt, ipso facto, his shirt was open, like Doorman's. But, that is ridiculous. First, most likely, it isn't even real, and that's because it only occurs in the center on the shirt, and not at the top. How could it be open in the center but not at the top? Second, it is nothing in comparison to Doorman's display. The big wide opening of his shirt, exposing his t-shirt, is the most conspicuous thing about Doorman. It's not some little sliver. 

And third, this looks like something that was added to the image as an afterthought. The plain truth is that, in making this phony clip, they entirely forgot about Doorman's shirt sprawl. They were so focused on displaying the plaid shirt, in all its glory, that they forgot about the shirt sprawl. 

Of course that plaid pattern is nothing whatsoever like the "pattern" we see on Doorman's shirt, which is irregular, amorphous, and noisy. What shirtmaker would give a shirt such a pattern and expect to sell it? They try to make shirts attractive, didn't you know?

Look at all the boxes on Gorilla Man's shirt. There is not a single box on Doorman's shirt. Of course, someone drew into it faintly the image of a bizarre hand, whose thumb is on the wrong side. If that was the right hand of the black guy, hailing a tamale vendor, his pinkie would be on the outside, not his thumb. Try it yourself and see. Turn and face right, and then raise your right hand. Your pinkie is on the outside. You couldn't possibly get it turned around the way it is supposed to be there. It is just more photographic flim-flam in a case that is swimming in it.

Oh, but for the evil of it all. 

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