Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Brian Doyle If you go to ROKC Kamp deals with my post here by lying and saying I was outgunned two years ago...What he is referring to is his claim that the Wiegman film from which the Davidson enhancement originates was copied too many times and suffered degrading from video transfer...That claim was ROKC's desperate damage control reaction to seeing the Davidson enhancement. The logic Kamp is trying to convince us of is that we can't see the clear image of Sarah Stanton's face in Davidson because the Wiegman film frame from which it originates has been copied too many times...In other words, don't believe your own lying eyes, believe my obvious excuse...ROKC then followed this up by saying we need a better scan (They were trying to head-off what they knew to be refuting evidence)...No Kamp, the Davidson enhancement fits the criteria for that better scan and provides enough valid data to make the determination that Prayer Man is Stanton...Kamp has been lying ever since and when confronted by the Davidson enhancement is telling people that I was proven wrong already...What is pathetic about this is as soon as any photo expert gets hold of the original Wiegman film and professionally analyzes it he will automatically shoot down Kamp's false claim and show that the original contains the exact same valid data and image as the Davidson enhancement...The rest of the community shames itself because it lets Kamp get away with this kind of scurrilous behavior only because, like Kamp, they don't want to admit they were wrong...They even stoop to the low depth of taking your forum posting privileges away because you out argued them...
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Ralph Cinque Brian, the situation is even more corrupt than that. Debra Conway, who is like Godmother to Buell Frazier, made the Prayer Man book the JFK book of the year. Why would she do that when she believes and endorses Buell Frazier who claims (falsely) that Oswald was not in the doorway? It is my considered opinion that this whole Prayer Man claim is meant to be a ruse against the real doorway story, which is that Oswald can be seen in the Altgens doorway and at the opening of the Wiegman film where he is standing in the center of the doorway on the top landing. They are providing a false story, one that can go nowhere, to bury the truth about where Oswald really was and who he really was.

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