Sunday, October 22, 2017

OIC member Paul Stevens has found an alteration in the Altgens4 photo, and I agree with him. 

On the far upper right, there is a dingy image of a little boy being held up by a woman; we're saying that that is fake.

So, why is it fake. First, the lighting is all wrong. The other faces are much brighter, and it's because the sun was streaming in. For two, the image looks very old, like from another time. Look at the old-fashioned cap the boy is wearing. And three, notice that he is looking the wrong direction. And note that she isn't looking correctly either. Shouldn't she be looking at the Kennedys? She's not. She appears to be looking straight ahead. Four, is she supposed to be holding the boy up? How? You can see that her left hand is in front of him, not securing him at all. So, that leave only one hand, her right hand. Notice that he does not seem to have an arm around her, and he does not seem to be leaning towards her. But, if she was holding him with just one arm, he would go to her; instinctively, he would be seeking more support. That hand may not even be hers; they may have added it separately. And again, we are dealing with the fact that this was a parade, a long parade, a very slow-moving parade, and she couldn't possibly hold him to watch it. He would get heavier and heavier with each passing second, which is to say, he would feel heavier with each passing second as her muscles fatigued, and they would fatigue rapidly. She wasn't Superwoman. 

Yes, I think Paul hit the nail on the head; that is another photographic anomaly. No doubt they were trying to cover someone up, some spook. You realize that that was Spook Alley. You're looking at Jim Featherstone, E.Howard Hunt, and Lucien Conien. The photo is cropped, but I believe there are other known CIA-connected people in it.

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