Saturday, October 21, 2017

So, let's see: a story for Oswald, how he got home, how he got home. I can do this. 

So, he starts off by leaving the TSBD on foot, and he heads down Elm Street. So far so good.

OK, what next, what next. Ah! He sees a bus, and he gets on the bus. So, he's riding the bus, and then let's see, it's crowded, yeah I like it, and the traffic is snarled, perfect. So, he gets off the bus after a couple blocks, and he gets a transfer ticket. Beautiful! I tell you, this law enforcement gig is for the birds; I shoulda been a screenwriter. 

So now, he's on foot again, and let's see... he walks to the bus depot. Beautiful! The plot thickens. But then, get this, instead of taking another bus, he hails a cab. And then, just for a flourish, we'll have him offer the cab up to some old lady who seems to be in a bigger hurry than he is. Yeah, that adds the human touch. But, she declines, since we really want to put Oswald on his way. 

So now, he's riding in the cab to his boarding house, not saying much, in his usual anti-social way. But, the cabbie's talking up a storm. I like it, I like it. And then, when they get there, let's see, Oswald has the cabbie pass the place, go a full 6 blocks past it, then, when the cabbie pulls over and stops, Oswald hands him a buck for the fare, tells him to keep the change, gets out, crosses the street, and then starts walking back to his boarding house.  

Man o' Man! This is so good. I'm a genius! I'm telling you: I should be writing scripts for Hollywood. They should be so lucky. 

Alright, so now I'll pass this along to the detectives and tell 'em "It's show time!"  Seriously, this is my favorite part of the job: the story telling. If only I could do it every day... 

Will Fritz 

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