Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It was, supposedly, just a 30 foot walk to a car to put a guy into it, so what were they going to do when they got to the car? 

Normally, when it's a handcuffed person, it goes something like this:

But, Oswald was handcuffed in front, supposedly. At least 3 people said he was, even though we can't see it in the Jackson photo. And then he was also, supposedly, handcuffed to Leavelle. 

So, Oswald's at the door, and he has no hands free with which to hold anything to guide himself in. So, does Leavelle use his right hand on the top of Oswald's head to lower him into the car? 

But, once inside, Oswald would have to scoot over to make room for Leavelle to follow him in. But, how could Oswald do it without hands? Just squirm and wiggle over? Would Leavelle push him over? He had only one hand available.  

I'm sure it could have been done somehow, but it would have been awfully awkward and very unusual. Do you think that situation has ever arisen in police work? I doubt it. Do you think they gave it any thought? Hell no. And that's because they knew God-damn well that they were never going to reach that car. 

You know the joke about how many people does it take to change a light bulb. Well, how many cops did it take to walk Oswald 30 feet to a car? Apparently, quite a few. Of course, they were there to protect him, weren't they? And they did! They protected him alright- not from guns, but from cameras. And they were also there to protect the shooter from cameras. 

Why would someone have to wink to walk someone along? They weren't even at the car yet. 

A wink is a signal. It is a message. According to the dictionary, a wink is "an informal mode of non-verbal communication usually signally shared hidden knowledge or intent." Bingo. Never has a definition been more apropos. 

Those Dallas cops all knew what was going on. They all knew what was about to happen. They were all in on it. Even Joseph Backes admitted that "Fritz got out of the way to create an opening for Ruby." 

But, when you think about it intelligently, it's not hard to figure out that if Fritz was cooperating with the shooter, then the shooter could not have been Jack Ruby. How could the Dallas Police have been conspiring WITH Jack Ruby? 

"Hey, Jack. How about you shoot Oswald, and we arrest you, jail you, try you, convict you, and then put you to death? Sound good?"

That wouldn't sound good to anybody. They could only have been conspiring with the shooter AGAINST Jack Ruby. And that means that the Garage Shooter must have been one of their own: someone from law enforcement. 

And I started by looking at Dallas cops and detectives to find the shooter. But, I quickly ran out of possibilities. So, then I moved on to FBI agents, and it didn't take long to arrive at Bookhout.

And once you realize that it was a planned spectacle, then you know it could not have been a real shooting. And, that's because it would have been too risky to actually shoot Oswald in that situation.  And I am talking about risk on many levels. The risk of missing; the risk of hitting but not in the right spot; the risk of hitting someone else; the risk of Oswald resisting, of making an adverse scene. There was so much risk of things going wrong; disastrously and irreversibly wrong- for them. They were never going to take that risk.

And the part played by all those cops filling the space was just that: TO FILL THE SPACE. Afterwards, they did not want Oswald visualized, and they did not want the shooter visualized. Both had to be covered up. And they were covered up with bodies. Dashing,  
waving, scurrying, hustling, bustling. muscling. It was pandemonium. Don't you know? 

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