Friday, October 20, 2017

Look at the size of the target they used in the CBS reenactment.

Here's the view from the Sniper's Nest.

So, this guy just had to get it in the pink, and it was considered a hit.

And if you watch the video, you'll see that for the multiple marksman, it was very easy and smooth and rapid for them to recycle the bolt.  But, we know those Carcanos are notorious for being rough and sticky.

It was NEVER that smooth and easy for Jesse Ventura. He had trouble getting it in. He was told to "slam it." And when he did, his comment was, "What a piece of shit."

Now, we know that Caracanos were typically hard to operate. Here is an article by the editor of GunsAmerica Paul Helsinki in which he reported his own experience that "the bolt was very hard to close."

Tony Heller also tested a standard, typical Carcano:

I bought a 1938 Italian Carcano 6.5 x 52 rifle last year, the same one Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have killed JFK with – and  finally had a chance to test it out today.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.44.46 PM
At 150 feet, standing, using gun sights it made about an 18 inch spread. By contrast, my 1936 Mosin 7.62 x 54R made about a two to three inch spread – fired the same way. If all Carcano’s are like that, they are completely useless as a sniper rifle. It is the most inconsistent rifle I have ever fired.
RC: The WC admitted upgrading Oswald's rifle for its snipers, but what about CBS? Don't you think they made sure that they're marksmen had an easy to operate, fast-cycling rifle? We know damn well they did because we can see how easily and without any hangups they worked the bolt. Watch it:
Remember what I've been saying for a very long time: the U.S. government killed Kennedy. And therefore, no test conducted by the U.S. government can be trusted. And CBS News? They're just like Pravda was to the Soviet Union.  
I would certainly trust Jesse Ventura over either of them.
I'll tell you what's needed: a test conducted by NO ONE with ANY connections WHATSOEVER to the U.S. government or any of its agencies, and also with no connections whatsoever to the mainstream media. The rifle would have to be certified by a committee of independent firearm experts who have no connection to the US Military and no prior association with each other, and they would have to establish, in a public demonstration, that the rifle was in the same defective condition as Oswald's alleged rifle was on 11/22/63. Then the test could be conducted, ideally, in Dealey Plaza from the 6th floor window, where manikins sit in a remote-controlled limo, and of course all other traffic would be stopped and the area cleared. The marksmen would have to be of comparable in training and experience to Oswald, that is, having done the minimal amount of shooting required by the Marines for a non-combat Marine, which Oswald was. 
That's how it has to be done. The rest is noise. 
The most valid test, so far, was done by Jesse Ventura. 

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