Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I habitually hunt for new images. and what I do is try novel and innovative search terms to see if they pull up images I haven't seen. Today, it pulled up this:

So, Marina turned her husband in for slapping her, but not Oswald, rather, husband #2. But according to some, Oswald burned her with a burning cigarette. He struck her and left visible bruises. He repeatedly and habitually pummeled them. But, in 1963, Marina never did what she did in 1965, which is call the police.  And when asked about it by the Warren Commission, she played it down, like it was nothing. When she wrote to Ruth Paine from New Orleans, she said nothing about being physically abused by Lee. We are supposed to believe that he was beating her, and to her knowledge he had tried to shoot and kill a man, and yet she followed him to New Orleans to live with him? It's pretty hard to believe. 

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