Sunday, October 22, 2017

This is a Yahoo headline, and Yahoo is anti-Trump 24/7. So, the fact that they mentioned him indicates that they consider it a bad thing that Trump won't stop the release of the JFK documents. 

But look inside for the real evil of it all:

"Thousands of books, articles, TV shows, movies and documentaries have been produced about the assassination and surveys have shown a majority of Americans still distrust official evidence pointing to Lee Harvey Oswald as the sole killer."

So, nobody disputes that Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer. The only controversy is whether he acted alone. You see how they sweep away the entire JFK truth movement? Because the fact is that the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of people who dispute the official JFK story do so on the basis of Oswald being innocent. Framed and innocent. 

The Establishment is so in fear and trepidation of the JFK truth movement that they can't even acknowledge that it exists. Because what they are referring to is really just Government Story #2. It's what the HSCA decided, that Oswald was the gunman, and the only one to hit anything, but there was another gunman on the Grassy Knoll who shot and missed, and then got clean away like a fart in a high wind. And, they were both shooting on behalf of the Mafia. 

And, the HSCA made it clear that no US government agency was involved, and no US government officials were involved, nor was Cuba, nor was Russia. All that left was the Mafia.  

But, if Oswald was a Mafia assassin, why isn't there a paper trail to him being paid? Hitmen don't work for nothing. It's not a charitable act; it's a profession. Mafia assassins get paid. 

And why would the Mafia hire an ex-Marine who was never in combat and did only the minimal amount of shooting required by the Marines, who nearly flunked his last shooting test, and after that did no shooting for 4 years except to go rabbit-hunting with a shotgun in Russia, in which he couldn't hit anything according to his Russian friends? Why would they choose such a person? 

The fact is that the preponderance of Oswald defenders is so great among JFK disputers (those who dispute the official story) that for all practical purposes, they are the whole community, and the people the article refers to don't exist. I guess there may be one or two, but for all practical purposes, they don't exist. 

Let's continue with the article:

"Despite serious questions about the official inquest, and theories purporting that organized crime, Cuba or a cabal of U.S. security agents was involved, conspiracy theorists have yet to produce conclusive proof Oswald acted in consort with anyone."

Security agents? What's that? Sounds like a guard at the mall. It's not the term that has been used with the JFK assassination. The proper term is: intelligence agents. You see; they couldn't even say it. That's how afraid they are of the truth coming out.

And what are people getting worked up about the documents for?

"Over the years, the National Archives has released most documents related to the case, but a final batch, amounting to tens of thousands of pages, remains and only Trump has the authority to decide whether some should continue to be withheld or released in REDACTED form."

Redacted. That's the operative word. They're going to redact  anything damaging to the government. The government ALWAYS protects itself. It's their Rule #1. So, if anything comes out of this at all, it will be by virtue of a stroke of luck. It will be because some subtle thing got overlooked by mistake. 

"Philip Shenon, the author of the Politico article and of a book on the assassination, said he did not think the last batch of papers contained any major bombshells, but may shed light on the activities of Oswald while he was traveling in Mexico City in late September 1963." 

Two points of fact: 1) Oswald never went to Mexico City, and 2) Philip Shenon is an idiot.

"Shenon said it would be interesting, too, to see if there was anything in the documents to substantiate comments Trump made during his election campaign linking Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz's father to Oswald.""It's the president's favorite conspiracy theory about the Kennedy assassination ... but I don't think there is anything to it," Shenon said.

And I think just the opposite. Fancy that. But, I think it explains a lot about why the mainstream media bitterly hates Donald Trump so much. 

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