Thursday, October 19, 2017

Part 2 on Kamp

I will be working off his pdf and chronologically. He starts by presenting the narrative of the encounter as per the Warren Commission. Then, Kamp asks why Baker didn't call it in and seal off the building. Who cares? What difference does it make? There is no doubt that he was there, is there? So, no matter what he found, and no matter what you think happened, you could say that. The fact is that police honed in on the building very quickly after Baker got started, and by the time he was done, there were other police there. So, this is a red herring, and I won't give it any more time.

Now, let's realize something: Oswald said he went to the 2nd floor and encountered a policeman. It's in the Fritz Notes.

Read: claims 2nd floor Coke when Officer came in. Now, despite Fritz having written it that way, we know that Oswald didn't get the Coke until AFTER his encounter with Truly and Baker. Both Truly and Baker said that Oswald had nothing in his hands. But, this establishes that Lee Harvey Oswald confirmed the encounter. 

Now keep in mind that I am flying through his paper because there's plenty of testimonies and history that do not require comment. I only care to address the meat of his claims. And he starts with disputing whether Baker climbed the steps at all. He put up this video to claim that Baker went past the steps.

It cuts off before you can see what Baker does, and this is the last glimpse we get of him:

And that doesn't prove anything. Next, Kamp wonders why Baker didn't run up the west side of the steps, since the right side was so crowded. But, there are huge problems with the whole image. 

I maintain that the whole authenticity of the Prayer Man doorway clip is in question.  It is said to be from the Darnell film, but it doesn't occur in any extant version of the Darnell film. It exists only as a clip, as if someone took scissors to the film. This was just 10 seconds after the last shot. So, how could this doorway be so different from all the other doorways? Who are all those people on the right? How could so many of them be dressed in such light clothes? Why does this differ so much from the other images of the doorway that we have? This didn't show up until JFK the movie in 1991, which was 28 years after the assassination. Nobody referred to it before that. So where was it for 28 years? 

So, trying to discredit Baker on that basis of that dubious clip is nonsense when he's got more credibility than it does. Look at the figure below so-called Frazier on the steps. (It's not him.) 
Below him is a person in a trench coat who appears to be 8 feet tall and has no head. Next to "Frazier" is a woman with shoulders like an NFL linebacker. And look at "Frazier" himself:

I was a chiropractor, and I am telling you that nobody could stand like that. And here is how Frazier was dressed that day:

Here is Frazier on the steps as per OIC Chairman Larry Rivera:

Now that's Frazier. Who was that other guy? Who knows? All I know is that he is a freak. 

So, you can't go by anything in that Prayer Man clip, and you can't discredit Baker with it. Call this Part 2. 

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