Wednesday, October 18, 2017

To John McAdams, who still claims that Ruby's motive for shooting Oswald was that he did it for Jackie. 

Ralph Cinque:

John, you were a professor, and supposedly, you have some ability to reason. Jack Ruby had no memory of shooting Oswald, and even at his so-called "deathbed confession" given 2 weeks before he died, he said that he went to the garage with no thought of shooting Oswald, and when he reached the bottom of the ramp, he remembers being pounced upon by police, but nothing in-between. "All the rest is a blur." Now, how can a man who has no memory of doing something, have a motive for the thing he can't remember doing? 

Jack Ruby made it very clear that he went downtown on Sunday morning to wire that money to Karen Carlin and for no other reason. He said that his curiosity was roused by the crowd of people gathered at the Main Street ramp (which was an incoming ramp, which makes you wonder why they were there) so he walked down to see what it was about. Then he said he walked down the ramp, and he never provided a reason for why he did that (I suspect he was coaxed to do so) but he did say that, in doing so, he had no expectation of seeing Oswald, let alone shooting him. And then he had no memory and no mental image of himself shooting Oswald, just of being pounced upon by police. So, how is it possible, in that situation, for him to have had a motive? There isn't even time, in that situation, for him to get a motive. The idea that he "did it for Jackie" is truly preposterous; it is the ultimate factoid. 

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