Sunday, October 29, 2017

Response to a researcher who requested elaboration on the timeline of the garage shooting:

What I am talking about is this: I maintain that when the Dallas detectives shoved "Ruby" who was Bookhout through the door into the jail office, that there were no reporters inside there. Nobody saw it, and nobody filmed it. There is only one footage from within the jail office after the shooting, and that is the one by Jim Davidson of WFAA. And with him was reporter Bill Lords who did the talking. It starts several seconds after the garage scene, but I maintain that there was at least a 1 minute interval that had already passed. And it may have been longer than that. During this interval, Bookhout was disposed of by handing him off to Boyd, Sims, and Hall, who swifted him up to the 3rd floor where we see them in this photo:

Also, Ruby was brought down and placed in position to make his cat walk. And he was so out of it mentally that he didn't know up from down. Unfortunately for them, they left his jacket up on the 5th floor, which completely exposes the ruse, since the Garage Shooter would have still been wearing his jacket. 

And likewise, Oswald had to be dealt with, and I suggest that they quickly sedated him. Someone may have thrust a hypodermic in his arm containing a strong, fast-acting sedative. All of that had to happen before they could get to the jail office scene in the Davidson film, which looks like serenity, with officers standing around mumbling as they peer down (supposedly) at Oswald. And I'm not saying Oswald wasn't really there, just that I don't know if he was really there since I can't see him with my own eyes. And they had the time because as Hoover pointed out, the elapsed time from the shooting to the jail office was only 25 seconds. Another 1 minute and 25 seconds passed om the jail office until you hear Bill Lords say "It is now 11:24 in Dallas." So, that's 1 minute and 50 seconds total from the time of the shooting until Bill Lords notes the time of 11:24. If that was 3 minutes after the shooting, and we have only 1 minute and 50 seconds accounted for in the passage of film time, then it means that over 1 minute is missing from the film. I'm saying that that is when Bookhout, Ruby, and Oswald were all dealt with simultaneously. And in Oswald's case, since he got into the jail office before Bookhout (as proven by the second Beers photo in which "Ruby" is still there and Oswald was long gone,

it means they had a bit more time to deal with Oswald. 

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