Thursday, October 26, 2017

Think about how it was for the reporters in the garage. They see this guy rush in and shoot Oswald, and then police start wrestling with him, and without handcuffing him first. And then, within seconds, he was gone, swifted away inside building. 

But, those reporters couldn't know that once inside the jail office that the shooter was pushed down to the ground and handcuffs applied. For all they knew, they took him someplace else, far away, without cuffing him. Why assume that, once inside, they would handcuff him?  Based on what?

And think about how it was seeing all these cops go into action in a coordinated way without anyone saying anything, without anyone directing. How, without vocalization,  did all these cops know that they were going to drag the shooter through the corner door into the jail office? And keep in mind that in none of the reports of what happened did anyone claim that verbal orders were given. Not loudly, not softly; no one ever claimed such a thing. They just dragged the shooter into the jail office because that's what they did.

And then there was the speed. Nobody pulled the wrong way. Nobody thought, for instance, that they were going through the double doors.  Somehow, they all intuitively knew exactly what they were doing and how they were doing it. It was a police miracle. 

And there are some people out there who can't argue with me about this. For instance, Joseph Backes said that Will Fritz moved out of the way to give "Ruby" an opening. Well, in that case, Fritz knew that Oswald was going to get shot, and that they would have to contend with "Ruby" afterwards. So, why wouldn't they have a plan? Do you really think that Fritz knew, but he kept it to himself? He didn't even tell Leavelle? Even though Leavelle was on the other side of the bullet? And didn't he have to tell Leavelle and Graves because otherwise either of them might have interfered, right? And, he didn't want them to interfere, did he? 

So, if Fritz knew, and I agree that he knew, then he must have informed his men. And if he informed them, they must have discussed what they were going to do afterwards; after Oswald was shot.

Of course, it is absolutely crazy to think that Fritz knew and that he was going to let Jack Ruby fire the shot in that garage. Ruby? How could he possibly trust Ruby? How could he possibly subject his men to the risk? Didn't he care about them? 

But, the point is that even in Backes' warped version, the pre-arrangement exists as a necessity.

And, I'll admit that my thinking about what happened has undergone an evolution. And, you know that I now believe that the Garage Shooting was a ruse, that Oswald was NOT shot there. And, for a long time, I assumed that he was shot somewhere in the police station. But, now that I realize that Graves did not ride in the ambulance- and he lied about it- that he followed the ambulance upon leaving but led the ambulance upon arriving, that indicates to me that a stop was made. I can't see Graves overtaking the speeding ambulance. There was no need to, and there was nothing he could do for them. They didn't need him to lead the way. Ambulances travel without police escorts all the time. Then and Now. So, Graves must have met them somewhere and then when they resumed transit, he led the way. 

So, where did they go, and what did they do? Is it where Oswald was really shot? Remember that we have no images of Oswald in the jail office. We only have images of him in the garage and being loaded into the ambulance.


That was a still photo, I think. But, let's compare the content of it with images from the KRLD film.

So, this one shows that Oswald's left arm was indeed dangling on the ground. 

But then, Harold Wayne Wolfe, the assistant, walks around and places Oswald's left arm on the stretcher.

Then, as they're lifting him, it looks like it may be Oswald's hand in the center. Hard to say for sure. But, during the loading, we get this weird capture of a monster hand with at least 6 fingers. Now, that's fake. 

Then, the hand completely falls apart and loses its photographic integrity.

And you can't blame Youtube, Backes, because there is a perfectly normal hand on the left. 

There is much less to see in the NBC footage, but I did capture this:

Note that that NBC footage is much worse quality than the KRLD. I have to assume that it was deliberate. After all, you can't assume that KRLD had better equipment and more competent personnel.

But, the problem with that image above is that besides looking artificial, the forearm is too short. Look how short the sleeve is from elbow to cuff.  The forearm is 5/6 the length of the arm. We are certainly not seeing that there. Also, the NBC footage does not show the police car following the ambulance like the KRLD footage does. You don't see it at all when the ambulance pulls out. Then it breaks to Tom Pettit who blabs. And then it goes back to Commerce Street, and you do see a lone police car going down Commerce, and I presume it's the same one. But, I doubt that anybody picked that up until I just did. It seems to me that the NBC footage deliberately avoids telling you that a police car followed the ambulance. But, getting back to the original iconic photo:

So, I presume the hand across the abdomen lying right on top of the wound is fake, and it certainly looks fake. Look at the coloring of the right hand and compare it to the coloring of the left hand which is on the ground. Why would they be any different? And notice that except for Oswald's right hand which looks pale, the rest of him has pretty normal coloring. 

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