Monday, October 16, 2017

I don't get Dhority. He hears a gunblast, screams, commotion, fighting, and he just stays in the car holding down the brake pedal? 

You see the car come to a stop; it soft-of jostles and then stops. But then, that light stays on for the duration that it is in view. Is that not a weird behavior by Dhority? Let's look at his testimony:

Mr. BALL. Fritz gave you instructions to do what?
Mr. DHORITY. He gave me the keys to his car and told me to go down and get his car and back it up front of the jail door to put Oswald in.
Mr. BALL. Is that what you did?
Mr. DHORITY. I went downstairs and got his car, unlocked his car, and was in the process of backing it up there in fact--I was just about ready to stop, when Captain Fritz came out and Leavelle and Oswald and Graves and Johnson and Montgomery came out the jail door.  Captain Fritz reached over to the door of the car and I was turned around to see backing it up--still had the car moving it along and I saw someone run across the end of the car real rapid like. At first, I thought it was somebody going to take a picture and then I saw a hand come out and I heard the shot. 

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