Tuesday, October 17, 2017

So, this is the latest "new" image, again by Bart Kamp. I have been saying for years that the Towner doorway is black, and that's how they dealt with the issue of Oswald in the doorway in that case, so I have to wonder why Kamp didn't post his image before now. 

But, what important to realize is that this just another black image. It's just dressed up with some photographic noise. There is nothing insightful here; nothing useful; nothing the least bit recognizable or informative. It is 100% noise. And what excuse is there for it? It's not as though the people in the doorway were moving around. And Tina was moving to track the limo, but no more than Zapruder was.  

I think I mentioned that I have an aunt, still living, who took home movies of us when we were kids. She never married and never had children of her own, and you might say she lived for her nieces and nephews. And I can tell you that the movies she took, and I'm sure it was well over 100, never came out blurry like this. And it's not just blurry; it's complete noise. You really can't make any sense out of it at all. And when something is as bad as this, it's pointless to even try to decipher it. Forget about it. I'm not interested in anyone's opinions about what certain figures might be. Trying to do so would be equivalent to taking a Rorschach test.



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