Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Amy Joyce found this photo from Roscoe White's belongings, and it looks eerily similar to the Beers photo. But, it's not exactly the same. 

Look at Oswald's head, the depth of it. It is bizarrely misshapen and excessively deep. 

In the Beers photo, what we see instead if a flip of hair in back.

Do you see that cowlick with the flip of hair sticking out in back? Well, in Roscoe White's picture, it's converted to this:

Oswald has got a freak-shaped head. So, it's weird, and I have to wonder where Roscoe White got this. There is a caption which says: "Set up job" and "Ruby is brave". 

But, as in the Beers photo, this is just a small fraction of a second before the shot is fired, and look where Oswald's hands are.

His left arm there is even lower and more horizontal than it is in the Beers photo. But how, in a small fraction of a second, could Oswald get his arm slapped high on his chest?

How could he possibly move his arm that fast? How could he move at all if his major blood vessels were severed? How could he possibly go from this:

to this in a small fraction of a second?

He couldn't. He wouldn't. He didn't. It's all bull shit. Oswald didn't do that. And nobody would.

Where did Roscoe White get this photo? It is eerily Beers- like, but it is not exactly the same as Beers. Why is the depth of Oswald's head so freakishly exaggerated? 

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