Thursday, December 7, 2017

Professor Jerry Kroth, who is an OIC senior member,  has just sent me what has to be the clearest, sharpest, most focused image I have ever seen of Lee Harvey Oswald's shirt.

Let's crop it and enlarge it:

Notice the very pronounced grainy pattern of the shirt. It was a knit shirt, and it had a pattern that was very much like a very fine grain of wood. You could almost imagine a hardwood floor with that pattern. It involved very very fine lines which crossed. And even in the subdued lighting, there is a sense of light/dark contrast. And when we compare to Oswald's shirt in the doorway, it is definitely the same shirt, but because of the tremendous enlargement, which stretches and separates the pixels, we get the sense of a less tight pattern.

They were so afraid of that shirt of Oswald's being recognized that they tried to make it look like there is an arm going up and a hand waving. It is breathtaking what they did. Let's look at Oswald again:

Notice that the line of the shoulder is hanging low. The shirt is big on him. He's swimming in it. In this image, his t-shirt isn't veeing, undoubtedly because he has it pulled down in back and tucked in, which raised the front. But, let's really take a close look at his face because I want to compare it to the one in the garage.
So, what do you think? Same guy? 

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