Friday, December 1, 2017

Robert Oswald has died. It's customary to think of something decent to say about the dead. The best I can come up with is: he got off easy.

At his brother's moment of dire need, what did he do for him? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He didn't try to get him a lawyer. He said it was because Oswald said he wanted Abt. So, did he try to call Abt? No. And even if he had tried to call Abt, just to mollify his brother, he could have called a Texas lawyer after that. But, what he did was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Imagine if your brother treated you like that. 

He was no part of his niece's lives when they were growing up. Now, I don't know; it may be that he had a falling out with Marina, because she had fallings out with a lot of people, including Ruth Paine. But, even if that were the case, I think he had a legal right to see those girls, as their uncle, and as the brother of their deceased father. The children had a right to stay connected with their dead father's family. But, he was entirely content to have nothing to do with them and be no part of their lives when they were growing up. 

Of course, being a supporter of John Armstrong, I don't believe that the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame was the biological brother of Robert Oswald. I am just speaking theoretically. And by the way, he also had nothing to do with Marguerite Oswald after the assassination, his supposed mother. 

I wonder what is going to happen to his website now of Oswald and Marguerite photos.

He's got pictures there of Oswald from his youth. Here he is 2 years old. Now, why would a husky toddler like this turn out skinny? I don't even see Oswald in this. 

And that kid did NOT turn out skinny. He turned out a strong, strapping young man. Here he is 1958:

Look at those shoulders. But alas, by 1959, he had withered down to this:

Should have eaten your Wheaties, Lee. 


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