Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Here's another take on the Bagman by Mark Allen Snow, the founder of the new Facebook group about Jack Ruby's innocence. 

Those slices tell the story well of how Detective Miller placed something over the head of James Bookhout after his hat came off. That last one shows him really cinching it on tight, whatever it was. The whole thing is ridiculous. What they would have done in real life is not covered him up but rather shackled him up. They would have put him in cuffs right there on the spot, and there is no excuse that they didn't. It is a smoking gun that they didn't, that this whole thing was just a circus, a dog and pony show. What is the matter with people who are supposed to be mature adults who don't get it that police don't do that: they don't drag a violent offender off somewhere without first putting him in restraints. No way, no how, no chance. This is bull shit. Indefensible bull shit. And I thank Mark Allen Snow for this excellent work. 

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