Thursday, December 21, 2017

I am starting to have my doubts that this figure on the left is really Jack Ruby. This was taken about 2 minutes after the shooting in the jail office. They implication is that Ruby was just brought in and is being taken up to the 5th floor for the first time. We know that isn't true. And we know this guy is definitely not the Garage Shooter.

Look at the weird shape of his hairline on the left. Why is his ear so faint? The lower part seems to be missing completely. His sideburn is practically on his cheek. You see how it is on Ruby on the right, where his sideburn is right next to his ear. So, why doesn't it look the same on the left? And look at his hair. Ruby had much longer strands on top. Long strands of thin hair. And then, there seems to be way too much bulging neck on the left. It's like he has a goiter. I don't know what they did to that image, but it appears to be a highly manipulated image. And then, there is the whole roughed-up, disheveled look, with the shirt torn open from the melee. Well, if it was torn open on the left, then how did it get buttoned up on the right, which it was? And how did Ruby get so well groomed? It's definitely Ruby on the right, but I am just not buying the image on the left. 

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