Wednesday, December 20, 2017

OIC member Adam Steel, out of the UK, has done it again. He has found an FBI memo in which they state that no latent prints were found of Oswald on various sites.

So that was to Chief Curry from the FBI on November 23, where they admitted that they couldn't find latent prints of value on the revolver, the cartridge case, the unfired cartridge, the clip in the rifle or the inner parts of the rifle. And notice that they didn't mention finding any prints at all. Later, they went on to claim to find a "partial" of Oswald's fingerprint on the trigger guard of the rifle. But, why didn't they find it on the 23rd? And remember that before giving it to the FBI, the Dallas Police did their own fingerprint search and came up with nothing. So, as of the 23rd, two law enforcement entities had examined the rifle and found nothing. So, after that, they claim to find a partial on a very questionable and dubious surface, and we're just supposed to accept it? The prior findings still stand, and that latter claim would be subject to independent examination by Oswald's own examiners, had he lived. And remember, the FBI just wagged their tongues. They didn't show us anything. They just made a claim. They provided no evidence. It doesn't count for shit. And the same goes for the palm print which wasn't found until after Oswald was dead. How'd they miss that the first time? The fact is that there is NO substantial print evidence against Oswald: none at all. If only those loony lawyers had presented this at the mock trial in Houston. 

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