Saturday, December 2, 2017

Jack Ruby said that he was reading the newspaper on Sunday morning, and he saw a Letter to Caroline which brought him to tears. I have not been able to find that letter online, or even any references to it.

So, I started looking for the Dallas Morning News from November 24, 1963, and I was prepared to buy it. But, I found it for free on the SMU website.

I've gone through it page by page. Page 5 is missing. And I haven't found any letter to Caroline. 

However, I did find an article which headlines that both President Johnson and Jackie Kennedy may have to come to Dallas to testify against Oswald. But, when I read the article, the gist of it was just the opposite, that it was highly unlikely they would have to come. 

But, the whole idea is ridiculous. How could they testify against Oswald? By saying they heard shots from the rear? But, at trial, Oswald would have said he didn't own a rifle and that he wasn't up on the 6th floor. So, what difference does it make if there were shots from the rear? If there were, they weren't his shots. In truth, it is preposterous to think that LBJ or Jackie Kennedy could have testified against Oswald. There is nothing they could have said that could have had any bearing on Oswald's guilt or innocence.  

So, is that the article that Jack Ruby saw? But, did he read it? If he did, he found out that it was unlikely that they would have to come. So, why would that article have spurred him to shoot Oswald?

And Ruby specifically said that the article he read was next to the Letter to Caroline, and that was definitely not there. And doesn't it seem that such a letter would be published at or near the front of the paper? Why would you put a thing like that in the back of the paper?

Just to try one more time, I did a Google search for the following:

Published Letter to the young Caroline Kennedy about the death of her father

And this is what I got:

Which is to say that I got nothing.

Is it possible that Ruby was talking about another newspaper? The Dallas Times Herald was an evening paper. So, what else was there?

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