Friday, December 22, 2017

An adversary quoted this testimony of Jack Ruby's from his Warren Commission interrogation, which sounds like an admission of having shot Oswald. Note first that this interrogation took place after Ruby's trial, in which he got to see the films of the shooting repeatedly. And, as he watched the films, he saw what happened. And since he presumed it was himself, the vision of the movie became his own mental vision, like a memory. So, the fact that Ruby, at times, was able to give an account of shooting Oswald means nothing. And it means nothing because we know from comparing the images that the Garage Shooter was NOT him. It takes maturity and discipline to do this, and the images rule. When they tell you something, you don't dismiss it because of anybody's lip-flapping, not even Ruby's.

Mr. RUBY. I had the gun in my right hip pocket, and impulsively, if that is the correct word here, I saw him, and that is all I can say. And I didn't care what happened to me. I think I used the words, "You killed my President, you rat." The next thing, I was down on the floor. I said, "I am Jack Ruby. You all know me." I never used anything malicious, nothing like s.o.b. I never said that I wanted to get three more off, as they stated. The only words, and I was highly emotional; to Ray Hall--he interrogated more than any other person down there--all I believe I said to him was, "I didn't want Mrs. Kennedy to come back to trial."

But now, let's look at this account in comparison to what happened at the spectacle. So, Ruby said, in advance of shooting Oswald, "You killed my President, you rat." Oh really? Well imagine if the Garage Shooter had said it in advance. You tell me how Oswald, Graves, and Leavelle, as well as others, didn't turn and glance at the guy who said it. It is crystal clear from watching the films that the Garage Shooter just rushed in without saying anything. Therefore, if you take what Ruby claimed at face value, it is Prima Facie evidence that he was NOT the Garage Shooter. That's because the Garage Shooter definitely did not do that. The Garage Shooter was silent. That is very clear. There is not the slightest sight or sound of him vocalizing during or before the spectacle.

Then, Ruby said he was put down on the floor. But, the Garage Shooter was NEVER put down on the floor. At least not in the garage he wasn't. He remained on his feet the whole time. Instead, he was covered up and hustled out of there. But, he stayed on his feet; he was never put down on the floor. So, that is another disparity.

And even his account that he proclaimed that he was Jack Ruby and that they all knew him, there is no sign of the Garage Shooter saying that- or anything. The Garage Shooter was mute; silent; and that is crystal clear in all of the films. It's clear as a bell because we don't hear him talking, and we don't see him talking. You can tell when a person is talking, right? Well, he never talked. He didn't say a word. And that is Disparity #3.

I don't know what to make of him citing Ray Hall as the one who interrogated him the most. Ray Hall was an FBI agent. And he claimed to interview Jack Ruby, starting at 12:40 on Sunday afternoon. But, it was interrupted by various things.

But, the point is that Ruby's account does not mesh with what we see in the films. Just as the images don't match him, the action doesn't match what he claimed happened. And that points to the incident with Ruby occurring separately and before the televised Garage Spectacle.

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