Friday, December 29, 2017

Peter Willis came up with a doozey. Supposedly, it was so important to Oswald, first on his list, that Marina know about the P.O. Box, you'd think he was expecting a wad of cash. But, as Peter pointed out, there was no mention of the box number. They don't put the number of a P.O. Box on the key because they know it can get lost or stolen, and they don't want some miscreant to be able to find and access the box.So, if Oswald was so concerned about Marina getting into that P.O. Box, as if it was life or death, why didn't he provide her the number? It's all bull shit. There was no P.O. Box. There was no letter. There was no shooting attempt on Walker by Oswald. It's all lies. 

Here's my P. O. box key, both sides. There is a long number on one side, but it must be code for the post office to look up the number, if necessary. It's of no use to anyone else. 

Do you realize that this alone exonerates Oswald and destroys all the evidence against him? If he didn't have a P.O. box, then he didn't order the rifle, and if he didn't order the rifle, then it wasn't his rifle, and he didn't shoot Kennedy with it- just as he said.
Just think: those idiot lawyers in Houston, Larry Schnapf and Bill Simpich, all they had to do was present this, and Oswald would have been acquitted, and history would have been made.

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