Tuesday, December 12, 2017

There is a new Facebook group called: "Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald?" And this is their distinguishing photo:

So, they are pointing out, as I have, that Ruby's neck in back was nothing like the neck on the shooter as seen in the Jackson photo. 

Their group summary reads; "Jack Ruby was framed in a grand illusion."

I have asked to join this group. 

And of course, they are right. Jack Ruby was framed in a grand illusion. They picked someone who could be bamboozled into thinking that he actually did it; that if his beloved Dallas Police told him that he did it, that he would believe them and never consider that they were lying. They knew this about him. That's why he was selected.  

Even though this is still a relatively new idea, I don't think it's debatable any more. The photographic evidence solidly establishes that the garage shooter was not Ruby. He was indeed James Bookhout, and the photographic evidence supports that too. 

To all my friends and supporters here, please consider joining this new group yourself. Here is the link:


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