Monday, December 11, 2017

Another thing that has always bothered me about the Jackson photo and the Beers photo is the eyeglasses in the external jacket pocket. Suits come with internal pockets, and it seems intuitive that you would put the glasses in the internal pocket to protect them.

Of course, in neither case is that Ruby; rather, it is Bookhout. So, it's Bookhout doing it; not Ruby. Buth, why would they have Bookhout doing it? Is it because Ruby was doing it when he showed up?

Then, you think about the melee that followed. Doesn't it seem likely that the glasses would have popped out of the pocket?

 I have looked online and I have not found a single image of a man with eyeglasses in his external jacket pocket. 

There are no images of Jack Ruby in court with glasses in his external jacket pocket. 

I figure he must have had glasses because in court there are documents you are looking at. So, where were they? In the internal pocket where they belong.

In this one, it's likely they enhanced Ruby's hair, but there are no glasses in the external pocket. 

So, I don't know what to make of the glasses in the external pocket in the Beers and Jackson photos. It definitely isn't Ruby, regardless.  

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