Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Jackson photo has all the indications of being a staged, posed photo, presumably taken in advance.

Consider the following: there is film which captures the Jackson photo, that duplicates it, or comes close to duplicating it during the action. There is a still frame that was abutted with the newsreel which is a Jackson lookalike, but it too is a still photo that was made to look like it was part of the movie. And they are not exactly the same, just similar. 

Next, notice the weird facial expressions in the Jackson photo, such as the cop in uniform who is staring through Oswald, apparently at the camera. Then you have Detective Lowery who has already heard the gunshot, yet he's still clasping his hands like a Jehovah's Witness. Nothing moves this guy: not gunshots, not screams, nothing. He just goes on standing there with his hands clasped. 

Then, you've got Blackie who continues take a drag from his cigar even though a gun blast has gone off. Half-heartedly, he reaches for the gun, though nothing can interrupt his enjoyment of that cigar. He looks like Groucho Marx. It doesn't even look like Blackie Harrison.

What happened to the part in his hair? Why does he look so Asian on the left? Why does he look like he is wearing a sweater rather than a jacket?

Why is Tom Pettit standing there not looking the least bit startled? Did I mention that there was a gun blast? At least, Will Fritz belatedly went through the motions of reacting a little startled, although it was very late in coming. And wouldn't he turn around immediately? 

And how come this photo is not consistent with what Jim Leavelle claimed? He claimed that he saw "Ruby" in advance and poked him in the shoulder. He claimed to twist Oswald around, but as you can see, his hand is in the center of Oswald's pants; so he hasn't twisted him anywhere. And what man puts his hand in another's man's pants, burying his hand inside? You notice we can't see Leavelle's fingers. That's because they are buried inside Oswald's pants. 

This weird, freaky, lying shit has been passing for real for 54 years. They even awarded the monstrosity the Pulitzer Prize, which was just a way of buying off Robert Jackson the way they bought off Marina Oswald. Why'd they give him the rights to the photo? He was on salary at the time. They didn't have to do that? What, were they just being nice? 

This photo is a lying piece of shit. And exposing the truth about its real origin is a very high priority.  

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