Saturday, December 2, 2017

Jack Ruby was NOT the payoff man for the rackets to the Dallas Police, as one moron claimed. That is nonsense. Jack Ruby was a devout Jew. He was driven by his religious upbringing to a very great extent. He spent 2 hours on the evening of the 22nd with his rabbi. He was much more driven by the moral teachings of his religion than Christians are by theirs. And what motive did he have to want to kill Kennedy? He was at a point in his life in which he was working his nightclubs, which were coming along, and he was about to move into a swanky new apartment building in Dallas, I think it was called Trinity 21 apartments. But, it was going to be a step for him, and he was very excited about it. And otherwise, he was very close with his family. And he even spoke about his love for Kennedy, "even though they were of different faiths." What, do you think it was all an act? You're nuts!

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