Thursday, December 7, 2017

Where was Attorney Mark Lane on November 22, 1963? I presume he was not in Dallas. But, imagine if he had been. Don't you think it would have occurred to him to offer his legal services to Lee Harvey Oswald?

Of course, I doubt Mark Lane was licensed to practice law in the state of Texas. Why would he be? So, he would have had to contact a Texas lawyer to be his functionary. But, that doesn't seem too daunting. He may have known someone. And if he didn't know anyone, he could have contacted the Criminal Bar Association and asked for a list of Dallas criminal defense lawyers. Then, he calls them one by one. "Hello, I am Attorney Mark Lane, and I am concerned that Mr. Oswald has no legal representation. I wish to offer my services to him, but I can't since I am not licensed in Texas. Would you join me as the official attorney, and I'll be your adviser?"

I'm sure he could have gotten someone. 

So, what would have happened if they, together, went to the Dallas Police Department and explained that they wished to see Mr. Oswald to offer him their legal services? Would they have been turned away by Dallas Police? Let's imagine the possibilities.

Texas Attorney: Hello, I am Travis Richardson, criminal defense attorney, licensed to practice in Texas, and this is Mark Lane, who is also a criminal defense attorney. We are here to offer our services to Mr. Oswald, who seems to be lacking an attorney.

Chief Curry: Did Mr. Oswald contact you? 

Texas Attorney: No. We are here as volunteers.

Chief Curry: Well, he communicated to us that it is his wish to contact a New York lawyer by the name of John Abt. 

Mark Lane: I know John Abt, and he does not practice in Texas. Mr. Oswald needs a lawyer now to protect his constitutional rights.

Chief Curry: Well, we have informed him that he can call any lawyer he wants.  

Mark Lane: Chief Curry, what makes you think Mr. Oswald knows any lawyers? In this case, the need is dire, and it may be more dire than Mr. Oswald realizes. 

Chief Curry: And we have not stopped him or any member of his family, such as his brother who visited him, from hiring a lawyer. 

Mark Lane: Chief Curry, Mr. Oswald was arrested over 24 hours ago, and he has been charged with two murders. He is in desperate need of a lawyer, and I am asking you to let us speak to him. 

Chief Curry: Well, I don't think I can do that, Mr. Lane. He hasn't asked to speak to you, and this is a free country, with freedom of association. 

Mark Lane: Chief Curry, last night, the entire world heard Mr. Oswald request that someone come forward to give him legal assistance. Now that has happened. The two of us are here. You will be obstructing his legal rights unless you let us see him. 

Chief Curry: Well, you are free to take this up with the District Attorney if you wish. But, if there is anyone who does NOT have rights here, it is you. 

Mark Lane: If you don't let us see him, we are going to call a press conference and explain the whole situation to the media, that you refused to cooperate with a very simple and reasonable request that is firmly based on a solid foundation of law and jurisprudence.  

Chief Curry: That is your prerogative, but you can't do it here. There won't be any unauthorized press conferences here. 

Mark Lane: Mr. Richardson has been a witness to this conversation and everything you said. We are filing a complaint against you in Texas State Court for denying Mr. Oswald his constitutional right to an attorney. And there is more coming, which I won't go into. Now, where can we find the District Attorney?   

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