Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ruby was a Dallas police buff. Really, he was a Dallas police fanatic. He worshiped those guys. Maybe he had an unrealized childhood dream of being a cop himself; I don't know. But, they knew that about him, that Jack Ruby would believe anything that THEY, the Dallas Police, told him. They also knew he was subject to black-out and blank-outs from his drug use and severe sleep deprivation. He was used to people telling him he did things which he couldn't remember doing. So, they knew that if they told him that he shot Oswald that he would believe them, and primarily because he regarded them as his friends and would never dream that they would lie to him. That special admiration he had for them, which is well documented, was the key to framing him. But think about how ridiculous it is that this guy who on the one hand, is in love with the Dallas Police, the police, and yet he's also involved in killing the President of the United States? He most admired the police. Those are the law and order guys. So, how could he be involved in killing Kennedy?

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