Monday, December 11, 2017

Officialdom has it that there was just .6 second between Beers and Jackson. But, how is that possible when the fields are so different? In Beers, we don't see Blackie Harrison at all, whereas in Jackson, he looms large.

So, what is the talking point for why we see Blackie puffing away like Groucho Marx in Jackson but he is nowhere to be seen in Beers? And now that you've talked the talking point, you can shove it up your ass because it's a crock 'o shit. And, if Beers came before the shot and Jackson after the shot, how come no reaction in Detective Lowery on the left, who in both cases is clasping his hands like a Jehovah's Witness. Nothing disturbs that guy. And, Andersen correctly points out that in Jackson, the shooter seems to be shooting upward into Oswald. But, that's not the case for the bullet that actually went into Oswald, which went sideways and downward. 

What Beers and Jackson both have in common is that they both feature James Bookhout shooting Oswald. That is NOT Jack Ruby. That is NOT Jack Ruby.

And what about Tom Pettit? He wasn't one to react to gun blasts either? Or was he deaf? These two photos, both of them, are nothing but Stalinist propaganda American-style. The Fascist State killed Kennedy, and the Fascist State also killed Oswald. I'll be more specific: the Dallas Police, who were charged with protecting him, killed Oswald. They didn't do it in that garage. That was just a spectacle for television: a dog and pony show. But, they did it, and they framed the poor witless, hapless Jack Ruby for it, who was not in the garage during the shooting. That shooter is Bookhout, James W. Bookhout.  It's not my fault that we have to go back to 1937 to find an image of him, and an altered one at that. 

And here's Bookhout alongside his son. See the family resemblance? Look at the shape of the faces, for goodness sake. 

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