Saturday, December 2, 2017

I just did a search on Yahoo for Jack Ruby invites a friend to watch the fireworks, and look what it pulled up. Look at all these mainstream outlets that covered it:

CBS, New York Post, Miami Herald, etc. Why do they all cover this? The official story has it that Ruby knew nothing about the  assassination and killed Oswald to spare Jackie a trip to Dallas. So, why would all these mainstream outlets want to cover a story like this which implies conspiracy?

It's because sometimes implying conspiracy is the way they play the game. In this case, this particular conspiracy story helps cement Oswald at the sixth floor window. And that's all they really care about. They don't mind a bit if you want to think that Oswald was there as part of a conspiracy- just so long as you think he was there. 

And that's why they are tickled pink when they get to ask people if they think Oswald acted alone or acted within a conspiracy. Either answer is a win for them. 

And that's why this conspiracy story made it all over the news, while conspiracy stories that involve Oswald being innocent never see the light of day.

The very fact that this story got so much instant coverage should tell you that it is CIA propaganda- meant to twist gullible minds. They know what they're doing. They know there is always going to be a JFK conspiracy crowd, and they want to manage it; they want to control it; they want to, in a word, "herd" it. So, this is about you being herded. 

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