Sunday, December 17, 2017

Do you realize that there is no good reason to believe that Oswald had a P.O. Box? Why believe it? Oswald never acknowledged that he did. There is a goofy letter that he supposedly wrote to Marina referencing the P.O. Box in anticipation of his being arrested or shot dead for shooting at General Walker, but he never shot at General Walker, and there is no reason to believe that letter is authentic. You should realize that fake Oswald writings are just as numerous as fake Oswald sightings. What about the letter he supposedly typed on Ruth Paine's typewriter to the Russian Embassy detailing his trip to Mexico City? It's as phony as a $3 bill too because he never went to Mexico City? So, why would he write such a letter?

But, getting back to the P.O. Box, what did Oswald need one for? It's not as though he had some secret girlfriend with whom he was corresponding. And to suggest that he got it to order the rifle is ridiculous. A rifle won't fit in a P.O. box. He was going to have to go up to the counter to get it anyway. So, why not have it sent General Delivery? And for that matter, why not have it sent to his house? He was going to take it home right away anyway, so why not have it sent there? Because he planned to kill people with it? But, that's the thing: he had no such plan. That's all just part of the story,  the fictional insane Lee Harvey Oswald they crafted. But, he was not insane. He had no homicidal tendencies. And, if he wanted to buy a rifle, he could have gone into any gun shop or pawn shop in Dallas and bought one. He would have been able to inspect it, operate the bolt, check out the sight. And he could have gotten a much better rifle for about the same money. Why go to the trouble of ordering it from out of state? And set up a P.O. Box to boot? He was a penny pincher: he wasn't going to do that.

The point is that once you start questioning whether Oswald mail-ordered the rifle, you have every good reason to question whether he ever got a P.O. Box. And, the guy who provided the details on that was Postal Inspector Harry Holmes, the rotten lousy bastard who told the elaborate lie about Oswald reversing himself about not going to Mexico City.

The whole mail-order makes no sense. John Armstrong observed that the passage of time between the day Oswald supposedly mailed the money order and the day that Klein's Sporting Goods received it and put their stamp on it was exactly one day. So, even though it was sent by regular mail, it went from Dallas and to be delivered in Chicago in one day. And that is impossible. It's impossible today with high-speed sorting equipment and computerized everything. But, in 1963?  They didn't even have overnight delivery in 1963- not at any price.

And then, there is the issue of Oswald ordering it as A. Hidell and having it sent to the P.O. Box of Lee Harvey Oswald, where A. Hidell was not listed on the registry. So, how was Oswald supposed to get it? Was he going to tell them that he used an alias and had a phony ID? And what, they were going to hand the rifle over to him on that basis?

Oswald did NOT order a rifle, and he did NOT own a rifle. And once you realize that, then there is no reason to believe that he had a P.O. Box.

All those idiot lawyers in Houston, all they had to do was disassociate Oswald from the rifle, and they could have decapitated the prosecution in one stroke. "You say all the shots came from the 6th floor and from that gun? Makes no difference to us because Oswald didn't own it. It wasn't his."

Oswald's own wife, when asked if he owned a rifle, said that he owned one back in Russia with which he went hunting. Those were the first words out of her mouth, and it was a tacit admission that he didn't currently own one. She wouldn't have mentioned the one from long ago if he owned one in the present. Talk about something important to bring up at the trial.

The defense of Lee Harvey Oswald was a slam-dunk. They had a photograph of him standing in the doorway. They had the means to totally destroy his acquisition of the rifle, the alleged murder weapon. And the bag story? It is ridiculous. First of all, nobody would make a bag. They would just grab some paper and some tape, and they would just wrap the rifle in it. They would wrap it like a present. They wouldn't make a bag. But, have you seen the bag that Detective Montgomery paraded around Dealey Plaza? It was obviously a manufactured bag. It was obviously not something that Oswald could have slapped together, even if he had oodles of time, and he had no time. Destroying the bag would have been easy as pie too. How come Frazier didn't see the bag on Thursday evening driving to Irving? Was Oswald hiding it from him? Why bother if Frazier was going to see it the next morning anyway?

The fingerprint evidence? The Dallas Police found no usable prints. Then the FBI found a partial on the trigger guard? And, we are supposed to accept that carte blanche? Oswald's lawyers (and I mean such as Mark Lane) would have demanded that the sample be analyzed and examined by their own fingerprint expert. And what do you think that outcome of that would have been?

Are you getting it? That there was NO CASE against Oswald? That real defense lawyers, unlike those buffoons in Houston, would have decimated the prosecution's case, tore it down to the ground?

And that's why Oswald needed dying fast. They couldn't even let him speak to a lawyer, not even once. That's how bad the case against him was. And then what? You think the prosecution just got lucky that Jack Ruby came along and killed him, saving them from a fate worse than death? Luck had nothing to do with it. The same people who killed Kennedy killed Oswald, and like Oswald, Ruby was just a patsy- a totally witless, helpless, incompetent, deranged patsy who, in his idiocy, actually came to believe he shot Oswald. Poor pathetic fool. Jack Ruby was conned, and so are you if you think he shot Oswald.  

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