Sunday, December 24, 2017

Jack Ruby owned a white 1960 two-door sedan Oldsmobile. He did not own a pickup truck. He bought the car that very year, in January 1963, and he bought it from a private party, but he had to borrow the money from the bank to pay for it. His finances weren't great. He handled a lot of money. A lot of money went through his hands. But, he had a lot of debts and obligations, including past tax debt to the IRS. So, his finances weren't great, and he didn't own two vehicles.
Plus, he lived in an apartment, and he had no need for a truck. The Carousel Club was just a storefront he was renting. He didn't own it either.
So, why assume that Jack Ruby owned a pickup truck? Is it because of the Julia Mercer story? But, there is no reason to think that she saw the real Jack Ruby driving a pickup truck and delivering a rifle to Dealey Plaza at 11:30. There are numerous witnesses placing Ruby at the Dallas Morning News building from 11 o'clock onward, starting with Gladys Craddock, a low-level receptionist who greeted him at 11. It included Tony Zoppi, the Entertainment editor. It included Don Campbell, the advertising manager. It included Hugh Aynesworth, the reporter. And, there were more.
So, who did Julia Ann Mercer see? She may have seen a Jack Ruby double. We know that was happening. We know the Jack Ruby figure at the DPD at 2:00 was NOT Jack Ruby. Ruby said he wasn't there at the time, and he had no reason to lie about it. But, even stronger, is the fact that at 2:00 he was on the phone at the Carousel Club talking to his sister Irene in Chicago, and there are phone records to prove it. So, that guy wasn't Ruby, and maybe he is the one that Julia Ann Mercer saw.
Jack Ruby was NOT involved in the JFK assassination, and he did not know Lee Harvey Oswald. But, there does appear to have been, and continues to be, a concerted effort to disseminate vague and mysterious stories of Ruby being involved, which I maintain is just a "baiting the buffs". An example is the recent "watch the fireworks" story that the mainstream media reported matter-of-factly, without even suggesting any skepticism. It's just keeping people busy with distracting nonsense so that they don't go anywhere near the real truth, which is that Jack Ruby was innocent, that he did not shoot Oswald, that he was tricked into believing that he did because the Dallas Police, whom he admired and hero-worshipped, told him that he did. He was bamboozled, and so was the public. It's time to wake up.

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