Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Amy Joyce responded to my write-up about the Roscoe White photo that is so eerily similar to Beers, but not exactly the same.

Cool find in the Beers comparison to White's photo.  That miss shape of Oswald's head looks to me to be due to an outline.  See the same with the shooter's jacket and LHO's sweater?  It's like it was part of an experiment. Perhaps the two were pasted in?? And then the lines were "brushed" out in someway.  I never thought Oswald's face looked right in either photo.  It's freakishly thin, especially in Jackson.  Nobody has a face/head that thin.  It's all crazy when you point it out.  Like nobody would be shocked that a man with a gun was rushing toward them?  Nobody would see that out of the corner of their eyes and be startled or blurred?  frick n way!

RC: That is a good point, Amy, that there is absolutely no way that the shooter could have rushed in without catching the attention and the eye of at least Graves and Oswald. Probably Leavelle too, but those two absolutely had to "see" it, and I mean see it in their peripheral vision. Even though their eyes were pointed straight ahead, and doggedly so, they still had to see it. And it wasn't just an object in their peripheral field, but a MOVING object. And that is what peripheral vision is sensitive to: movement. So, them not turning and looking (which is the natural response) had to be deliberate. I mean deliberate on Oswald's part and deliberate on Grave's part. And that's why there is no reason to take it as anything but a hoax, a theatrical performance, in which they were all actors acting, including Oswald. They must have conned him; told him they were going to get him out of this, but they had to fake his death first to call off the vigilantes. Then, they killed him afterwards. The Dallas Police killed Lee Harvey Oswald. And poor Jack Ruby wasn't even in the garage during the spectacle. He was already sequestered up on the 5th floor.  And he never ADMITTED doing it. He merely ACCEPTED having done  it. There's a difference. When you admit doing something, you confess having knowledge of having done it. But when he accepted having done it, he had no knowledge; he just had the Dallas Police telling him that he did it. And I think it's very telling that Ruby, upon seeing the film, remarked to his lawyer that he didn't remember the garage being so crowded. It wasn't! Not when he was there. They were sneaking it. They had cleared the garage. I'm sure they did it with just a minimum number of people, just a handful. This was before, well before, the televised spectacle. I have come to believe it was before Roy Vaughan started his watch at the Main Street ramp entrance. They already had Ruby in custody when Vaughan was assigned. It may have been around 10. The garage shooting spectacle was one-act play using very unprofessional actors. And playing the role of Jack Ruby was James Bookhout. None of this is in doubt.  

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