Sunday, December 31, 2017

So, we are supposed to believe that on Friday, November 22, 1963, the FBI telexed the serial number of the rifle from the 6th floor to all their field offices around the country, and at 9:41 PM, the New York field office replied with this information: "Rifles with similar serial numbers were shipped from a New York wholesaler to Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago in 1962 and early 1963." 

Oh really? Because Congress did not pass the Gun Control Act, which calls for the monitoring of interstate traffic of firearms, until 1968, and this was 1963. Plus, this was before the age of computers. The FBI did not begin to explore the computerization of criminal records until 1968.

It states: "In 1968 and 1969, the FBI established a working group to begin developing plans for automating criminal history records in the FBI." And obviously, criminal history records are much more important than gun sales from wholesalers to retailers. So, if they didn't have criminal records computerized in 1963, they certainly didn't have legal gun sales computerized. So, the New York office of the FBI had paper records of all rifle sales between wholesalers and retailers? 

I find that hard to believe, but even if they had such paper records, how hard would it be to wade through them starting with just a serial number? Very hard. Again: there were no computers.

I think you'd have to be awfully stupid to believe this crock o' bull. But, it tells us something. It tells us that Hoover and the FBI knew everything in advance; they had foreknowledge; and it's stupid to think otherwise.  How convenient that they came up with that on the same day as the assassination. 

Here, on this last day of 2017, the case against Lee Harvey Oswald has collapsed to nothing. Absolute nothing. There IS no case against him. Even if we didn't have his photo in the doorway during the shooting- and we do- there is NO case against him. There is no evidence against him. He didn't order or own the rifle, therefore, he could not possibly have shot Kennedy. Therefore, he could not possibly have left a partial fingerprint on the triggerguard or a palm print on the stock. Those claims are false. They are lies. What else is there? There is nothing else. There is nothing at all. 

Oswald had to be killed because the case against him would have collapsed at trial. The meager evidence that there was would have been exposed as fraud. 

And then what? The plotters just got lucky that Jack Ruby came along and saved their wicked asses? Is that what you think? 

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