Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It is really not a stretch or a challenge at all to realize that the Garage Shooter was not Jack Ruby, starting with the fact that there are no images of Ruby in the garage. The images all conflict with Ruby. Take this one, for instance. How could anyone think that this guy on the left is Jack Ruby? Look at the vertical lines in his face, which Ruby didn't have. Look at his Roman nose, which Ruby didn't have. Look at his weird sideburn, so distant from his ear, and compare it to Ruby. How can that guy be Ruby? And the fact that they had to resort to calling him Ruby tells you that Ruby wasn't there. It's just like with Oswald in Mexico City. They only came up with images of Oswald doubles in Mexico City, none of whom even looked like Oswald. So, why couldn't they provide an image of the real Oswald in Mexico City? Because he wasn't there! And, it's the same way with Ruby in the garage during the spectacle; he wasn't there. 

So, that's the first thing, but the second thing is that they swifted the shooter out of the garage without even cuffing him. That is so bizarre and inexplicable. Here the man, seemingly, fatally shot someone, and according to reports, sought to fire again. So, how do you not cuff a guy like that? When else in the entire history of police work have police not endeavored to shackle such a violent offender before taking him somewhere? It is not acceptable, nor is it credible, that they didn't do it.   

Then, there is Ruby. People mistakenly claim that he admitted shooting Oswald. He admitted no such thing. He ACCEPTED that he shot Oswald. There is a difference. He took the word of the police that he shot Oswald when they told him that he did. Until they told him, he knew nothing about it. He had no memory of doing it. 

And think about what his lawyers told the jury. They told them that Ruby acted unconsciously, with no awareness, with no deliberation, and with no intention of shooting Oswald. They made it sound like he was sleepwalking when he did it. Why would they claim such a thing? It was because Ruby told them that he had no memory of doing it; that he had no intention of doing it; that he had no thought of doing it; that he could not remember doing it. 

So, why didn't his lawyers consider the possibility that he didn't do it? It was because of one thing: their belief in America. Their belief that police corruption, to the extent implied by it, was not possible in the United States of America. But, there can be no doubt whatsoever that Ruby told his lawyers that he recalled nothing about shooting Oswald. Remember: lawyers are officers of the court. They have a moral, legal, and fiduciary responsibility to uphold the truth.  They would not have just made that up. It must really be that Ruby told them that he recalled nothing about shooting Oswald. He had no mental image of shooting Oswald. He could not see himself doing it.  

And let's consider the lies told by the Dallas Police, starting with Jim Leavelle. He said, just hours after the shooting, that, seconds before the shot, he saw Ruby coming, that he recognized him as Jack Ruby, that he tried to jerk Oswald behind him, and that he shoved on Ruby's left shoulder. But, he did NONE of those things, and multiple films tell us so. Who are you going to believe, him or your own eyes? Watch the films; any of them; all of them; and you'll see that Leavelle doesn't begin to react, or even look in the shooter's direction, until after the shot is fired. 

What about L.C. Graves? He said he rode in the ambulance with Oswald to the hospital, and that was a lie. There was no room for him in that ambulance. The driver and his assistant were in the front seat. In the middle compartment, was Dr. Fred Bieberdorf and next to him was the head of Oswald's stretcher. And in the rear with the rest of Oswald's stretcher were Leavelle and Dhority. And remember that when the ambulance arrived at the hospital, they opened the doors, and you can see who gets out. Leavelle and Dhority get out, but not Graves. Graves comes walking up from another direction. In the KRLD film, you can see a police car follow the ambulance out the Commerce Street ramp, and the driver of that police car was L.C. Graves. There is enough visual data there to make the ID. So, Graves lied. And furthermore, when they reached the hospital, Graves, somehow, was leading the way. He was ahead of the ambulance. But, how do you pass a speeding ambulance? Who would even try to do that? What reason would anyone have to do such a thing? So, they must have stopped somewhere, and when they departed again, Graves, in his car, took the lead. That is what happened.

And let's look at it from Ruby's angle. Ruby said he walked to the Main Street ramp and when he got there, he saw Lt. Rio "Sam" Pierce in a police car talking to an officer on foot whom he didn't know. But, Ruby knew Roy Vaughn. They had multiple dealings. In one instance, Vaughn had pulled Ruby over for a traffic violation, and then, upon seeing it was Jack Ruby, friend of the Department, he let him off without citing him. Now, how could Ruby possibly forget a thing like that and the guy who showed him such courtesy? But, Ruby did not recognize Vaughn, and nor did he see the two other officers who were in the police car with Pierce when he was there at 11:18. Therefore, there must have been different, separate incidents. Pierce must have been there twice, the first time alone. And the officer who was there could not have been Vaughn. There is absolutely no reason to think that Vaughn simply missed seeing Ruby enter. That is preposterous. An 80 year Walmart greeter could easily control ingress at that ramp. The idea that a 26 year old police officer couldn't do it is preposterous. There are only two possibilities: either you have to believe that Vaughn was in on it and let Ruby enter OR Vaughn wasn't the one there when Ruby entered. I choose the latter. Why? Because Vaughn got reprimanded. He was the only Dallas Police officer to get reprimanded for what happened to Oswald. So, how could they reprimand him if they ordered him to do it? 

But, let's continue with the Dallas Police lies. Detective Combest. Combest actually had the nerve to say that Oswald was conscious and responsive in the jail office, that he was answering questions by nodding his head up and down and side to side. Everybody else, to the last man, said that Oswald was completely unconscious. Dr. Bieberdorf even volunteered that when he saw Oswald in the jail office, HE THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD. So, a doctor thought he was dead. He really thought he was dead. Combest was such a liar. 

And go back to Leavelle a second: Leavelle said he carried Oswald into the jail office with the help of another officer. When asked who the other officer was, he said he couldn't remember. And that was on 11/24/63! So, shortly after it happened, he said, on television, that he couldn't remember who assisted him in carrying Oswald. How could anyone not know such a thing? But, how could he carry Oswald at all when he was handcuffed to him? Do you realize how short the chain was? So, Leavelle's left wrist and Oswald's right wrist were virtually glued together. So, how did he pick him up? How did he get his hand underneath Oswald to pick him up? And we saw how he did it in the tv movie in 1979, but it was physically impossible to do it that way with the handcuffs on. In the tv movie, Oswald, upon being shot, is blown backward, and he falls into the waiting arms of Leavelle and another officer on the other side. And they proceed to carry him into the jail office, but that meant that Leavelle had his hand well underneath Oswald - in order to support his weight- but how could he do it without taking Oswald's hand with him? It is ludicrous. I think it is extremely doubtful that Leavelle and Oswald were actually handcuffed together.

And then, consider the lies of the other Dallas detectives, who said that Ruby was talking trash, saying he hoped the son of a bitch dies, that he did them all a favor, etc. But, we know from the images that Ruby was in a daze after the shooting; he looked like a zombie; and he wasn't talking trash to anybody. One reporter even said that Ruby was mumbling incoherently after the shooting. Of course, that statement was only made once and never repeated. 

But, the whole account of of what happened in the jail office with Ruby is fraught with problems. Supposedly, once they got through the door, several detectives got the idea at the same time to finally take their handcuffs out and cuff him. Oh really? Then how is it that nobody got the idea to do that in the garage? And how, incidentally, did they know what they were doing? How did they know that the plan was to take him through the corner door into the jail office? Nobody yelled out any orders. So, how did they know to do it? How did they know what they were doing? How, without verbalization, did they grasp what the plan was? How did they coordinate without talking?

And how is it possible that even though there were multiple photographers and multiple filmers that nobody caught the slightest inkling of Oswald being moved into the jail office? How is it possible that cameramen like Jim Davidson captured nothing but pandemonium and chaos? There were reporters who claimed to see Oswald being moved into the jail office (one said he was dragged in) but how come no camera saw it? And, I suspect that those reporters were just spewing the CIA line, providing lip service to the Fascist State, that is: lying. 

Don't you get it that the official story of the Oswald shooting is just as lacking in credibility as the official story of the Kennedy shooting? There is no justification in challenging one and accepting the other. Both are lies. Both are utter falsehoods. Both are insults to your intelligence. 


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