Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Wizard found it- the image I was looking for- of Jack Ruby's stuff, including what is reported to be his athletic supporter.

This image has effectively disappeared from the search engines. You can't get to it by any search term. I tried for hours today. They won't pull it up any more. It is simply gone from the search engines. And that doesn't just happen. So, let's look closely at this. 

So, we have his hat and his glasses. There is his tie. What is that to the left of his tie? It looks like pouch, perhaps one that went inside his pants to store valuables? What is to the right of the tie? That, supposedly, is his athletic supporter, and that's where it starts getting weird. They removed his athletic supporter? That goes on beneath the boxer shorts. So, exactly do what extent did they strip Jack Ruby naked? And did they just take his used athletic supporter and just put it together with the other articles? Doesn't soiled underwear go in a hamper? 

Behind his athletic supporter is his belt. What is all that stuff to the far right? It's clothes obviously, but it's too much. There's too much there. If you look closely, it looks like a pair of boxer shorts with an elastic band. What's the dark thing? He wore a white dress shirt. It's obviously not his jacket. So, what is it? 

Look: there is too much stuff there. Somebody went overboard in trying to display his stuff. You can't match all those things to the property invoice. It's just too much. And that's why the photo was pulled. It's just more bull shit in a sea of bull shit. There is so much lying. Lying with pictures. Lying with words. Lying about bins and bin numbers. 

Thank you, Mr. Wizard. I will hold on to this picture now knowing that it has been banned; relegated to the search engine graveyard. If somebody else wants to try to figure out its contents, piece by piece, be my guest. 

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