Saturday, December 23, 2017

Another thing that disgusts me is the way they patronized Ruby, with everybody immediately calling him by his first name. It was Jack this and Jack that. Did they do that with Charles Manson? How about Jeffrey Dahmer? 

I read the account of SS Agent Forest Sorrels, who, reportedly, was the first to question Ruby after the shooting, which occurred a few minutes after 11:21, therefore 11:24 or so. Of course, in reality, Ruby was swifted up to the 5th floor after his own incident with police in the garage which probably occurred in the 10:00 to 10:15 time frame, and somebody had to be talking to him long before 11:24. And note also that, like James Bookhout, Forrest Sorrels claimed to remain up on the 3rd floor during the jail transfer, except instead of claiming to remain in Fritz' office, Sorrels claimed to wait in the office of Deputy Police Chief Charles Batchelor. And then upon hearing that Oswald was shot, he went down to the jail office, where he said he saw someone administering "artificial respiration" to Oswald.  Artificial respiration by hand, he went on to say. I wonder what he meant. Was he really talking about cardiac resuscitation? There is a report that Bieberdorf "massaged Oswald's sternum" but when the heart stops, you compress the sternum. Did Bieberdorf do that? And he wouldn't do it unless the heart had stopped. So, the question is: DID LEE HARVEY OSWALD GO INTO CARDIAC ARREST IN THE JAIL OFFICE?  

But think about it: If Oswald went into cardiac arrest, then it would have taken very firm compressions to mechanically operate his heart to get it to circulate blood, and imagine the effect that would have on his bleeding. Yet, when Oswald was rolled out into the garage, we STILL don't see any sign of blood, and his color doesn't look all that bad either. 

Color-wise, what is the difference between Oswald and the others?

In the above image, Oswald' right hand looks huge and waxen and very pale, while his left hand looks normal in size and color. And how could Oswald' right arm wind up in that location? He couldn't place it there, right? He was unconscious, right? So, somebody else must have done it, right? But, what for? He was an abdominal gunshot victim, and you don't put anything over the abdomen. You see how artificial that looks, and most likely, it is an altered image. I don't know what that white is supposed to be, but we still aren't seeing any sign of blood, and you would expect blood to show up on white, right? Also, if Oswald required resuscitation in the garage, why didn't it continue? Why isn't it being done here? Usually, once you start it, you keep it going until you hand him off to the surgeon. 

Or, did someone check and see that his heart had started to beat spontaneously again? But wait: that isn't in any of the reports. THE WHOLE THING ABOUT OSWALD BEING RESUSCITATED IN THE JAIL OFFICE IS MIRED IN UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT.

But, let's get back to Sorrels. He claimed to interview Jack Ruby shortly after the shooting, and he spoke of saying, Jack this and Jack that. Then, FBI Agent Ray Hall claimed to interview Ruby an hour later (after Sorrels was gone) and he said the same thing, that he told him Jack this and Jack that. Everybody was calling Ruby Jack. And my hunch is that not only were they calling him Jack, but they were calling him Jack in a very friendly manner, that they were kind to him. They weren't at all hostile or even adversarial. They were easy-going. They were gentle.  

And it's very strange because according to Jim Leavelle, the shooter tried to shoot again and pointed the gun at him, and that the only reason he, Leavelle, survived is because his partner L.C. Graves saved his life. If that's true, then why wasn't Ruby charged with trying to shoot a police officer as well? And most important: how, after Ruby shot Oswald and then tried to shoot Leavelle and then struggled with police in the garage for half a minute in a wild melee, could any of them address him deferentially as Jack? How do you go from one to the other?

Wouldn't the "our buddy Jack" routine dissolve after he tried to shoot a police officer? 

And of course, the whole "be kind to Jack" routine continued at the Dallas County Jail where Ruby had several full-time jailers whose job it was to not only take care of him but to entertain him, as in playing cards with him. And I mentioned that Sheriff Decker would visit Ruby once a week to make sure his accommodations were adequate. "You getting enough to eat, Jack? How is the food working out for you? Anything else I can get you?" They were way too patronizing of him, considering that he was supposed to be a murderer.

So, why the rough treatment of Oswald and the soft treatment of Ruby? Although I should point out that, it got softer with Oswald as time progressed. Watch this video from Saturday night. It's eerily casual and easy-going. You see Oswald going up to Bookhout in the hall and casually asking him, "What have you got against Broby?" Isn't that awfully casual?

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