Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Jackson photo of the Oswald shooting is a HIGHLY manipulated and altered photo. It is a photographic monstrosity.

First, Oswald did not slap his arm to his chest after being shot. Nobody would do that. Nobody has ever done that. Nobody will ever do that. It is completely, totally false. 

Why would he do that? Would you do that if you were shot in the side? Slap your whole arm up to your chest? And the photo was supposedly taken just .3 second after the shot. How could he possibly do such a movement in .3 second? And look how big the hand is and how big the thumb is. 

Oswald had delicate hands. Here he is giving out leaflets in New Orleans.

He  didn't have any big gargantuan hand like this.

What that is is two hands, a left and a right, slapped together. Below, Robert Jordan outlines the division between them.

So, why did they do this, have him slapping his arm to his chest?

They did it because they needed to cover up the area, the idea being that Ruby pulled the trigger; the bullet entered Oswald, devastating him; Oswald responded by slapping his arm to his chest; and hence we can't see any effect of the damage; no harm to him or even to his clothing. 

I've pointed out the phony thumb they put on top of the clenched left fist. But, there is plenty more phony in this photo. The whole Leavelle with the hand in the pants bit is fake. His left forearm and hand coming over are both fake. Compare it to his right forearm and hand, which are real. That isn't even anatomical what we're seeing on his left side. Oswald's hand jutting forward isn't real. If you look closely, you see that his thumb is backwards.

Why did they do all this? They did it to get as much stuff covering up the area of impact so that the absence of blood and trauma would be explained. Oswald wasn't really shot there. It's fake. It's acting. It is a grotesque sleight of hand trick. They did it. They did all of it, and because OSWALD WASN'T SHOT. Oswald wasn't shot. Oswald wasn't shot. 

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