Thursday, December 21, 2017

P.S. by Amy Joyce:

"I know you guys know this already, but I just wanted to add the following to my little rant:  No prints on the rifle means that whomever last touched it had wiped it down completely.  If it was Oswald's, there would certainly have been a print somewhere on the outside or interior seeing that he would have touched it a lot and in many different places.  Wiping everything down takes time.  A lot of time. And would Oswald had wiped down the cartridges and put them back?  Certainly not.  And if he did take the time to wipe everything down, then he wouldn't have made it down to the 2nd floor in time to meet Baker.  Obviously null and void seeing that Oswald was in the doorway and not on the 6th floor anyway."

RC: Yes, Amy, this proves that the rifle was not Oswald's, that he was telling the truth when he said he owned no rifle. And Marina was telling the truth on 11/22/63 when she referred back to Russia to cite when her husband owned a rifle; she had nothing more recent.  Oswald really didn't own that rifle, and that proves by itself that he did not pose for the Backyard photos, which he also denied doing. People: don't you get it that there is NO case against Oswald? None. There is no evidence against him whatsoever. No wonder they had to kill him pronto. And I assure you that they, the Dallas Police, killed him. Not Jack Ruby, but them. 

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